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Notes for a R-evolution 2 (version 2.0): Stage two: Vices vs. New Tactical Virtues
What we've learnt from the Net and how we can extrapolate it to all spaces of struggle.
Simona Levi
tags:  politicsactivismpost-governmental organisationinfo-activismfree cultureoccupy

Introducing the Global Power Project
An investigative series produced by to identify and connect the worldwide institutions and individuals who comprise today's global power oligarchy.
Abdrew Gavin Marshall
tags:  politicsoccupyeconomicsfinancetactical research

Take The Square
A 3-channel video installation by Oliver Ressler
tags:  politicsartpublic spacestreet protesttactical campingoccupy

A shift in revolutionary tactics.
tags:  campaignurban interventiontactical camping

Rome 12- 13 may: The revolt of a generation: Euromediterranean happening
Happening about education, welfare and new political practices
tags:  precaritytactical education

Nikeground - Rethinking Space
tags:  artcampaigntactical mediapublic spaceglobalisation

Tahrir Documents
An ongoing effort to archive and translate activist papers from the 2011 Egyptian uprising and its aftermath.
tags:  archivemiddle eaststreet protestoccupytactical research

We Interrupt This Program
Deep Dish TV and Paper Tiger TV to Release New Video Series About Resistance to Rise of Far-Right Political Movements
tags:  politicsactivismvideo activismtactical television

#Occupy Wallstreet
The resistance continues at Liberty Square and worldwide!
NYC General Assembly
tags:  urban interventionstreet protesttactical campingoccupy

What is Meme Warfare?
Unshackle the Human Spirit!
Micah White
tags:  tactical realityculture jammingmeme wars

In Brazil, Mídia NINJA's indie journalists are gaining attention and sparking controversy
Providing journalism from within Brazil's protest movement has led the 'ninjas' to find an audience that wants to be represented in media.
Natalia Mazotte
tags:  tactical mediacommunity mediagrassroot journalismdiy mediamedia criticismself-mediation

A call to the Army of Love and to the Army of Software
October 2011. The fight opposing financial dictatorship is erupting.
Franco Berardi ('Bifo'), Geert Lovink
tags:  politicsinfopoliticsprecaritystreet protesttactical campingausterity

UniCommon the revolt of living knowledge
Invent the future, reverse the present
tags:  precaritytactical education

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