Notes on the Future of Activism
Micah White
Keywords: activism, info-activism, culture jamming, occupy

10 Basic Facts about OCLP
Occupy Central with Love and Peace campaign
Keywords: politics, street protest, occupy

Uncommon Grounds: New Media and Critical Practices in North Africa and the Middle East
Keywords: media criticism, media theory, middle east, visual culture

Tactical Media Connections
A public research trajectory tracing the legacies of Tactical Media and its connections to the present
TMF Editors
Keywords: media theory, activism, next 5 minutes, tactical media, theory, tactical research

Organisation of the Organisationless
Collective Action After Networks
Rodrigo Nunes
Keywords: post-governmental organisation, network cultures, occupy, activism, net.activism

Immigrant X Stop & Search App
Get mobile alerts and register Stop and Searches
Keywords: migration, hybrid space, tactical technology

Notes for a R-evolution 2 (version 2.0): Stage two: Vices vs. New Tactical Virtues
What we've learnt from the Net and how we can extrapolate it to all spaces of struggle.
Simona Levi
Keywords: post-governmental organisation, activism, occupy, politics, info-activism

Civil Networking in a Hostile Environment: Experiences in the Former Yugoslavia
Methods of media resistance - the example of Radio B2-92
Veran Matic

A Concise Lexicon of / for the Digital Commons
Raqs Media Collective
Keywords: public domain, public space, digital commons

Tahrir Documents
An ongoing effort to archive and translate activist papers from the 2011 Egyptian uprising and its aftermath.
Keywords: street protest, archive, occupy, middle east, tactical research

Digital Solidarity by Felix Stalder
Mute Books / PML Books #3
Keywords: swarm, activism, network cultures, theory

What is Meme Warfare?
Unshackle the Human Spirit!
Micah White
Keywords: culture jamming, meme wars, tactical reality

Jeremy Hammond's Sentencing Statement [15/11/13]
Jeremy Hammond
Keywords: info-activism, anonymous, infopolitics, surveillance, war

Recombinant Television
Keywords: tactical media, tactical television, art

Rise and Decline of the Syndicate: the End of an Imagined Community
Andreas Broeckmann, Inke Arns
Keywords: net criticism, participatory media, network cultures, art

Utopian Promises-Net Realities
Critical Art Ensemble
Keywords: network cultures, net criticism, net.activism, art

Distance versus Desire
Clearing the ElectroSmog
Eric Kluitenberg
Keywords: im/mobility, electrosmog, telepresence

Media, Activism & Society of the Spectacle
Michael Richmond, Jack Dean
Keywords: activism, diy media, media criticism, spectacle

Tactical Media and the End of the End of History
Gene Ray
Keywords: activism, tactical media, art

In Brazil, Mídia NINJA's indie journalists are gaining attention and sparking controversy
Providing journalism from within Brazil's protest movement has led the 'ninjas' to find an audience that wants to be represented in media.
Natalia Mazotte
Keywords: media criticism, tactical media, grassroot journalism, diy media, self-mediation, community media

The Power of Social Media - The Helplessness of Traditional Media and #direngeziparki #direnankara, #direnizmir
An analysis of the Alternative Informatics Association (Alternatif Bilisim)
Keywords: occupy, street protest, urban intervention, public space, self-mediation

Is there a Social-Media Fueled Protest Style?
An Analysis From #jan25 to #geziparki
Zeynep Tufekci
Keywords: media theory, info-activism, diy media, media criticism, infopolitics

Remaking Media Practices - From Tactical Media to Post-Media
Clemens Apprich
Keywords: tactical media, diy media, infopolitics, media theory, media criticism

Networked Disruption
Rethinking Oppositions in Art, Hacktivism and the Business of Social Networking
Tatiana Bazzichelli
Keywords: network cultures, activism, infopolitics, info-activism

Dawn of the Organised Networks
Geert Lovink, Ned Rossiter
Keywords: tactical media, network cultures, activism, net.activism, post-governmental organisation, info-activism

Beautiful Trouble - A toolbox for revolution
A toolbox for revolution
Andrew Boyd, Dave Oswald Mitchell
Keywords: tactical media, activism, diy media, net.activism, info-activism, participatory media, self-mediation

Paolo Gerbaudo, Tweets and the Streets: Social Media and Contemporary Activism
Interview with Jadaliyya
Paolo Gerbaudo
Keywords: hybrid space, street protest, network cultures, participatory media, activism, public space

Indymedia: It's time to move on
Keywords: media criticism, participatory media, independent media, diy media, grassroot journalism, news

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From the Keyboard
Keywords: infopolitics, copyleft, public domain, info-activism, copyright, intellectual property

Guerrilla Open Access Manifesto
In memoriam: Aaron Swartz
Aaron Swartz
Keywords: infopolitics, public domain, info-activism

Mediate YourSelf!
Create your own solutions
Eric Kluitenberg
Keywords: community media, diy media, streaming media, media theory, media criticism, participatory media, self-mediation

Media Without an Audience
Networked Presence and Radical Privatisation
Eric Kluitenberg
Keywords: participatory media, media criticism, streaming media, media theory, diy media, self-mediation

The Internet Freedom Fallacy and Arab Digital Activism
Sami Ben Gharbia
Keywords: info-activism, middle east, infopolitics, blogosphere

Occupy and UK Uncut: the evolution of activism
Jodi Dean
Keywords: urban intervention, activism, precarity, street protest, austerity, occupy

Digital Partisans
On Mute and the Cultural Politics of the Net
Julian Stallabrass
Keywords: politics, art, tactical media, diy media, infopolitics, independent media, media theory, media criticism

Frequently Asked Questions About Justice on Trial
The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal
Big Noise Films
Keywords: tactical media, independent media, prison, death row

Syrian Hands Raised: User Generated Creativity Between Citizenship and Dissent
Donatella Della Ratta
Keywords: net.activism, info-activism, middle east

Occupy Sandy and the Occupy Movement
Peter Marcuse
Keywords: environment, urban intervention, occupy

The Little Book Of Ideas
Occupy London celebrates first birthday with launch of The Little Book of Ideas
Keywords: precarity, occupy, theory, austerity

The Critical Engineering Manifesto
The Critical Engineering Working Group - Berlin, October 2011
Danja Vasiliev, Julian Oliver, Gordan Savicic
Keywords: art, critical engineering

Fixing the facts.
Danja Vasiliev, Julian Oliver
Keywords: tactical gizmology, infopolitics, info-activism, media criticism, critical engineering

Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark
Corporate and Police Spying on Activists
Eveline Lubbers
Keywords: grassroot journalism, infopolitics, info-activism

A Pirate Utopia for Tactical Television
David Garcia
Keywords: tactical media, community media, network cultures, next 5 minutes, amsterdam, tactical television

The Lessons of 2011: Three Theses on Organisation
Rodrigo Nunes
Keywords: post-governmental organisation, activism, occupy, tactical camping

Art and the Human
Manifesto of Nadia Tolokonikovoy
Keywords: politics, art, Religion, Russia, prison

Pussy Riot Statement
Pussy Riot : Art or Politics?
Keywords: women's rights, Russia, Religion, politics, art, prison

I disagree with the indictment.
Translaton of Pussy Riot Masha's Opening Trial Statement:
Keywords: politics, art, Religion, Russia, prison, women's rights

Manifesto by N. Tolokonnikova from 05/04/2012
Gender Equality and other fundamental freedoms in frames of ethical consensus monopolized by the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian State
Keywords: politics, art, Religion, Russia, prison, women's rights

Welcoming the Iraqi Invasion Act
M2M migrant to migrant campaign column
Jo van der Spek
Keywords: activism, migration

Misopolis Campaign: Diesel Response
Abortions for Successful Living
Keywords: activism, culture jamming, yeslab, women's rights

'Diesel' hoax press release
A Brave New World for Female Factory Workers: Misopolis
Keywords: culture jamming, campaign, yeslab, activism, women's rights

About Diesel's New Campaign Called Misopolis
Clean Clothes Campaign release
Keywords: activism, culture jamming, yeslab, women's rights

A new culture of resistance: from WikiLeaks to the squares
WL Central: Wed, 11/09/2011 - 18:13
Keywords: wikileaks, occupy

Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army Manifesto
Run away from the circus - join the forces of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army!
Keywords: activism, art of campaigning, street protest, Rebel Clowning

Governmentality of Information
from the publication "Info­Space, Info­War" (N5M4)
Bureau d'Etudes
Keywords: politics, cartography, infopolitics, info-activism, biopolitics

Tactical Media as Virtuosic Performance
Introduction of "Tactical Media" by Rita raley (Un. of Minnesota Press,2009)
Rita Raley
Keywords: art, tactical media, cartography, activism, net.activism, info-activism

The Invention of the Savage: Colonial Exhibitions and the Staging of the Arab Spring
Muriam Haleh Davis
Keywords: middle east, street protest, postcolonialism

Fragmented Urban Topographies and Their Underlying Interconnections
World-Information City special IP edition, Bangalore, 2005
Saskia Sassen
Keywords: world-information, World-Information.Org, public domain, public space, infopolitics

Ontologies of the Wayward Drone - Part II
A Salvage Operation: Ontologies of the Drone & Amplifying Expertise
Jordan Crandall
Keywords: war, drone, surveillance, art

Ontologies of the Wayward Drone - Part I
A Salvage Operation: Errant Drones, Drone Desire & Salvage Operations
Jordan Crandall
Keywords: art, war, surveillance, drone

Absorption and Exposure
a working assemblage of assemblage theory Nettime
Jordan Crandall
Keywords: art, theory, surveillance

Enter the Swarm: Anonymous and the global protest movements
Felix Stalder
Keywords: tactical media, activism, anonymous, swarm

Activist Media Tomorrow
Brian Holmes
Keywords: activism, tactical media, swarm

A Movement Without Demands?
Jodi Dean, Marco Deseriis
Keywords: politics, public space, public domain, occupy

Publication: Legacies of Tactical Media - The Tactics of Occupation: From Tompkins Square to Tahrir.
Out now and available for download - INC Network Notebooks 05
TMF Editors
Keywords: tactical media, tactical camping, occupy, self-mediation, hybrid space

Occupy and the Provision of Public Space: The City's Responsibilities
Peter Marcuse
Keywords: public space, occupy

Time Place and Manner Restrictions on Peaceable Assembly
Sue Basko
Keywords: public space, occupy

The Public Use of Public Space
General Assembly, OccupyLA 10/18/11
Occupy Los Angeles
Keywords: public space, street protest, occupy

The tactics of occupation: Becoming cockroach
Pavlos Hatzopoulos, Nelli Kambouri
Keywords: occupy, urban intervention, street protest

Webcasts Media Squares now available
International seminar on the new forms of protest and their media
TMF Editors
Keywords: tactical media, urban intervention, design, media criticism, participatory media, street protest, tactical camping, austerity, occupy

The Becoming Environmental of Power: Tactical Media After Control - Part II
From Infopolitics to Ontopolitics
Michael Dieter
Keywords: tactical media, media theory

The Becoming Environmental of Power: Tactical Media After Control - Part I
Concept of Tactical Media / Circuits and Circulations
Michael Dieter
Keywords: media theory, tactical media

A call to the Army of Love and to the Army of Software
October 2011. The fight opposing financial dictatorship is erupting.
Geert Lovink, Franco Berardi ('Bifo')
Keywords: politics, infopolitics, precarity, street protest, tactical camping, austerity

The Blood of the Victim: Revolution in Syria and the Birth of the Image-Event
Jon Rich
Keywords: participatory media, middle east, street protest

Migrant Navigator Xtra Tools
Darko Fritz
Keywords: art, migration, borders

Not Home
"Happiness is where I am not" - Darko Fritz's Search for Home
Eric Kluitenberg
Keywords: art, migration, borders

Social Media and the UK Riots: "Twitter Mobs", "Blackberry Mobs" and the Structural Violence of Neoliberalism
Christian Fuchs
Keywords: social justice, participatory media, street protest

Do It With Others (DIWO): Participatory Media in the Furtherfield Neighbourhood
E-Mail-Art project on the NetBehaviour email list culminating in an exhibition at the HTTP Gallery in London, February - March 2007
Keywords: art, community media, participatory media

We Demand The Impossible:
An Interview with John Jordan and Gavin Grindon
Keywords: art, participatory media, austerity

"V for Vendetta": The Other Face of Egypt's Youth Movement
"Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea [?] and ideas are bulletproof."
Linda Herrera
Keywords: middle east, anonymous

Manifesto of the association Real Democracy Now (English)
Democracia Real Ya!
Keywords: street protest, precarity, activism, tactical camping

Fix the World Challenge - Frequently Asked Questions
A Yes Men game
The Yes Men
Keywords: The Yesmen, identity correction, culture jamming

Practices of resistance and enthusiasm in Brazil
Internet, activism and tactical media
Karla Brunet
Keywords: tactical media, Brazil

The GHI of Tactical Media
David Garcia and Geert Lovink interviewed by Andreas Broeckmann
Andreas Broeckmann
Keywords: tactical media, next 5 minutes

Engaging Ambivalence
Interventions in Engineering Cultures
Institute for Applied Autonomy
Keywords: contestational robotics

My Postmodernism - My '80s
Interview with Gregg Bordowitz
Gregg Bordowitz
Keywords: AIDS, art, aids activism, act up

Signs of the Times: the Popular Literature of Tahrir
Protest Signs, Graffiti, and Street Art
Rayya El Zein, Alex Ortiz
Keywords: activism, middle east, street protest, visual culture

The Twitter Revolution Must Die
Have you ever heard of the Leica Revolution? No?
Ulises Mejias
Keywords: media criticism, twitter, participatory media

Talking about a Revolution: An Interview with Camille Otrakji
Posted on Qifa Nabki, May 2, 2011
Elias Muhanna
Keywords: media criticism, middle east, blogosphere, Al Jazeera

We Make Radical Media You Make Adverts
Radical Media Conference becomes 'Rebellious"
rebellious media conference
Keywords: activism, media criticism, diy media, independent media

Transborder Immigrant Tool Project Description
Mexico / U.S Border Disturbance Art Project
Keywords: tactical gizmology, migration, borders

The Transborder Immigrant Tool: Violence, Solidarity and Hope in Post-NAFTA Circuits of Bodies Electr(on)/ic
Brett Stalbaum, Micha Cárdenas, Amy Sara Carroll
Keywords: activism, migration, borders

the banality of cyberpunk, short notes on wikileaks
distributed on the nettime mailing list
Pit Schultz
Keywords: wikileaks

The Guantánamo Files (WikiLeaks)
WikiLeaks Reveals Secret Files on All Guantánamo Prisoners
Keywords: infopolitics, wikileaks, info-activism

Manifesto: Greed breaks the sack In favour of a free culture of citizens who share
10 solutions/facts plus one
La Ex
Keywords: copyleft, copyright, free culture

Free/Libre Culture Forum Declaration
Sustainable Models for Creativity in the Digital Age
Free Culture Forum, La Ex
Keywords: copyright, free culture, precarity, copyleft

The 1988 Tompkins Square Police Riot - A Video Point of View
A personal account of the events that sparked the 'camcorder revolution'
Paul Garrin
Keywords: video activism, gentrification, camcorder revolution

Tompkin Square Riot Memories
First hand observations after twenty years in The Shadow
The Shadow
Keywords: gentrification

Electronic Markets & Activist Networks
The Weight of Social Logics in Digital Formations
Saskia Sassen
Keywords: activism, globalisation, net.activism, economics, finance

make world paper 3
Keywords: infopolitics, net.activism, net criticism

make world paper 2
Keywords: net criticism, social justice, labour, net.activism

UniCommon the revolt of living knowledge
Invent the future, reverse the present
Keywords: precarity, tactical education

Wikileaks and Freedom, Autonomy and Sovereignty in the cloud
'You have no sovereignty where we gather'
Bodó Balázs
Keywords: wikileaks, surveillance, info-activism, infopolitics

Tortugan tower blocks?
Pirate signals from the margins
Alexis Wolton
Keywords: radio, diy media, media criticism

Post-media operators: "sovereign & vague"
No one recognises these powers as their own
Howard Slater
Keywords: media theory, media criticism

Post-media Operators
Howard Slater
Keywords: media theory, media criticism

The Flexible Personality - Notes
Notes to the text by Brian Holmes

The Flexible Personality: For a New Cultural Critique
Paper presented at "The Cultural Touch," June 2001, Kunstlerhaus in Vienna
Brian Holmes
Keywords: precarity

The Fourth World War
Excerpt from a talk given by Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos to the International Civil Commission of Human Rights Observation in La Realidad, Chiapas on November 20, 1999.
Subcomandante Marcos
Keywords: zapatista

Anonymous statement: Operation Egypt
Press Release 26./1/2011
Keywords: middle east, anonymous

Anonymous Declaration of Freedom
Action statement in preparation of global portests on January 15, 2011
Keywords: info-activism, wikileaks, anonymous

What is Mental Environmentalism?
A brief history of "The Journal of the Mental Environment."
Keywords: subvertising, culture jamming

From the Blogosphere to the Street: The Role of Social Media in the Egyptian Uprising
Context and analysis by Charles HIrschkind
Charles Hirschkind
Keywords: middle east, blogosphere, street protest

Art and the Paradoxical Citizen
Essay for the exhibition "To the Arts, Citizens!"
Brian Holmes
Keywords: art

Unknown Quantity - Foreword
An exposition conceived by Paul Virilio, at the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris
Paul Virilio
Keywords: accident

Vakuum TV
The world's most independent television from Budapest
Keywords: next 5 minutes, tactical television

Whispering Spaces / Traces of Absence
Curatorial statement Crossfire Exhibition, Dhaka, March 2010
Keywords: photography, Bangladesh

At Frontiers
Introduction to the Sarai Reader 07 - Frontiers
Sarai - The new media initiative, Delhi
Keywords: no border, borders

Introduction Sarai Reader 04: Crisis / Media
Sarai - The new media initiative, Delhi
Keywords: crisis, media criticism, India

Tactical Media in Brazil - Submidialogia conference report
December 29th, 2005
Volker Grassmuck
Keywords: tactical media, Brazil

The Brazilian Context
Strategia & Critica - Midia Tatica Brasil
Ricardo Rosas
Keywords: tactical media, Brazil

Tactical Media, the Second Decade
Preface to the Brazilian Submidialogia publication
Geert Lovink
Keywords: tactical media, media theory

Don't shoot messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths
WIKILEAKS deserves protection, not threats and attacks.
Julian Assange
Keywords: infopolitics, info-activism, wikileaks

Twelve Theses on WikiLeaks
Revised and expanded document
Geert Lovink, Patrice Riemens
Keywords: infopolitics, wikileaks

Contain This! Leaks, Whistle-Blowers and the Networked News Ecology
Mute Magazine Thursday, 4 November, 2010
Felix Stalder
Keywords: wikileaks, news

The Yes Men Fix the World Story
Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno are two guys who just can't take "no" for an answer.
The Yes Men
Keywords: activism, The Yesmen, identity correction

The Network of Waves
Public Agency in Hybrid Space
Eric Kluitenberg
Keywords: public space, infopolitics, media theory, hybrid space, street protest

Ten Theses on WikiLeaks
Geert Lovink, Patrice Riemens
Keywords: wikileaks

Culture and Technologies of Control
Introduction to the cultural intelligence manual "Tactical Reality Dictionary"
Konrad Becker
Keywords: tactical reality, control

The Zapatista Tactical FloodNet
A collaboorative, activist and conceptual art work of the net
Brett Stalbaum
Keywords: electronic disturbance, zapatista

About WikiLeaks
Introduction to WikiLeaks, published on the about page of the wikileaks.org website, August 7, 2010.
Keywords: wikileaks

Palestine the US and Satellite Television
Daoud Kuttab
Keywords: Palestine, satellite television, middle east

Tactical Media After 9-11
Geert Lovink
Keywords: tactical media, 9/11

Participationism (re: Re:Group: Beyond Models of Consensus)
a dissenting curatorial statement on the IDC mailing list
Beka Economopoulos
Keywords: participatory media, art, activism

The Society of the Spectacle @ Bureau of Public Secrets
Translator's Note to the 2002 translation
Ken Knabb
Keywords: Debord, situationists

The Situationists and the New Forms of Action in Art and Politics
Guy Debord
Keywords: situationists, spectacle, art, Debord

The Logos Fight back
A jam at the culture jammer headquarters?
James Harkin
Keywords: culture jamming

Notes on Culture Jamming
One day son, all this will be yours...
David Cox
Keywords: culture jamming

Smashing the Image Factory.
A Complete Manual of Billboard Subversion and Destruction
California Department of Corrections
Keywords: billboard improvement, culture jamming

BLF Manifesto
Establishing a new paradigm in street marketing
Billboard Liberation Front
Keywords: culture jamming, billboard improvement, street protest

Signs of the Times
Activism After September 11
Naomi Klein
Keywords: 9/11, culture jamming

N5M Zapbook - Table of Contents
Working Papers for Next 5 Minutes 1, October 1992.
Keywords: tactical television, next 5 minutes, tactical media

Introduction to the N5M Zapbook
Working Papers for the Next 5 Minutes project on Tactical Television, October 1992
Bas Raijmakers

Putting the Demo Back in Democracy: March Against the Moguls.
Video recording review / Paper Tiger TV
DeeDee Halleck
Keywords: community media, democracy, tactical television

Which Democracy in a Post-Political Age?
Abstract of talk at Dark Markets Conference, Vienna, October 4, 2003
Chantal Mouffe
Keywords: political science, infopolitics, democracy

Media Darkness
Reflections on Public Space, Light and Conflict
Oliver Marchart
Keywords: political science, public space, media criticism

The Language of Tactical Media
Joanne Richardson
Keywords: tactical media, theory

Strategies for Tactical Media
Getting organised...
McKenzie Wark
Keywords: tactical media, virilio, politics, theory

A context for collecting the new media
Tjebbe van Tijen
Keywords: media, next 5 minutes, archive

Dictionary of War - Idea
Florian Schneider, Susanne Lang
Keywords: war, dictionary of war

Can Internet technology still revolutionize activism?
Digital Freedom Network
Robert Lebowitz
Keywords: electronic disturbance, borders

To Shoot an Elephant
A documentary by Alberto Arce and Mohammad Rujailah. (synopsis)
Keywords: Gaza, Palestine

Top 5 Musicals Produced By the Oil Industry
Johnathan Ward
Keywords: The Yesmen, oil

Bodies of Fear in a World of Threat
They wanted the Germs; they got 'em. - Darby Crash
Critical Art Ensemble
Keywords: biowarfare, biotechnology, art, science, art, art, fear

Historical Background of the US Biowarfare Program
Eugene Thacker
Keywords: biotechnology, biowarfare

EuroMayDay Call Spring 2010
Keywords: campaign, activism, EuroMayDay, precarity

The Middlesex Declaration of the European Precariat
Keywords: precarity, activism, EuroMayDay, campaign

The dark side of Camping
Florian Schneider, Susanne Lang
Keywords: campaign, activism, migration, no border, borders, tactical camping

Borders: Walking Across, as opposed to Flying Above
Shuddhabrata Sengupta
Keywords: politics, war, Religion, migration, no border, borders, India

Border Camp 99
Call for a action camp At the German-Polish-Czech border triangle, 7 -15 August 1999
Keywords: migration, campaign, activism, no border, tactical camping

A Brief History of the Noborder Network
Hagen Kopp, Florian Schneider
Keywords: migration, activism, no border, campaign, tactical camping

Free Bitflows Declaration against the prosecution of Steve Kurtz and Robert Ferell
Keywords: infopolitics

Introduction to the Clean Clothes Campaign
Keywords: consumer rights, activism, campaign

The Next 5 Minutes
general description
N5M3 Editors
Keywords: tactical media

How to Turn Your Liability into an Asset: Media, Art and Politics in Post-communist Bulgaria
Luchezar Boyadjiev interviewed by Geert Lovink
Geert Lovink, Luchezar Boyadjiev
Keywords: art, Revolution, politics

It Is Not The Changes That Might Take Place, But The Changes That Are Already Occurring And How To Make The Most Out Of It
Daniela Salvemini, Raul Marroquin

The Dangers of Co-optation with Corporations
Current PR practices against Campaigners
Andrew Rowell
Keywords: globalisation, campaign, environment, propaganda

Everybody will be TV
Transnational TV Network versus Web Portal
Drazen Pantic
Keywords: grassroot journalism, streaming media, media, self-mediation

The Undisciplined and Punishment
On Line Resistance to the Prison Industrial Complex in the U.S.
DeeDee Halleck
Keywords: prison, death row, mumia

How Low Can You Go
N5M3 Editors
Keywords: diy media, lowtech

Indonesia: The Web as a Weapon
Tedjabayu Basuki
Keywords: tactical media, net.activism, independent media

Interfund report
Eric Kluitenberg

Intro for Net. activism Forum
Carl Guderian
Keywords: net.activism, activism

Next 5 Minutes Core Themes
N5M3 Editors
Keywords: campaign, tactical media, lowtech, next 5 minutes

Binary Dispatches
net.radio days 98
Adam Hyde
Keywords: streaming media, radio

N5M3 South Asia Forum Presentation
Shuddhabrata Sengupta

Stop Streaming and Listen: Fight Post-Governmental-Content-Control Streaming Media breaks UK law - find out why nobody wants to care...
Micz Flor
Keywords: streaming media, independent media, radio

The End of a Paradise
Geert Lovink, Nina Meilof, Josephine Bosma, Menno Grootveld
Keywords: community media, diy media

Stop The Jabiluka Uranium Mine in Kakadu
Sam de Silva
Keywords: environment, media, campaign

The Brent Spar Syndrome
Counterstrategies against online activism
Eveline Lubbers
Keywords: campaign, net.activism, activism

The Law of Web TV
Derrick de Kerckhove
Keywords: streaming media, network cultures, community media

What will you do with the bandwidth?
Micz Flor

Wide Open to the Web Warriors
Matthew Reed
Keywords: net.activism, war, activism, campaign

Willing Slave
Shu Lea Cheang

A Personal Map of the Resistance Movement in France
Nathalie Magnan
Keywords: politics, campaign, tactical media, activism, public domain, civil disobedience

Art After Activism?
David Garcia
Keywords: art, activism

Art Rant
DeeDee Halleck
Keywords: activism, diy media

The Avant-Garde Never Gives Up
Thoughts on Art and Activism for N5M3
Alex Galloway
Keywords: art, tactical media, art of campaigning, next 5 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions: Digital Work
Digital Workers and Artisans: Get Organized!
Richard Barbrook

Engineering of Consent
Excerpts from a briefing paper on the Nestlé Counterstrategy against babymilk-campaigners, published by The Cornerhouse, March 1998
Judith Richter

How to make a point
Supermarket Clubcard as Political Organiser
Rachel Baker

Information Devolution
Kunda Dixit

Viridian Note 00029: The Interfund
Reply to Interfund
Bruce Sterling
Keywords: politics, art, culture

The Legitimacy of Illegality
Josephine Bosma
Keywords: politics, radio, tactical media

Streaming Networks
Nina Meilof

Using the Media: the Clean Clothes Campaign
A How-to-Guide for Fellow Activists
Keywords: politics, campaign

Small, Furry Mammals
Franny Armstrong
Keywords: campaign, food safety

Electronic Civil Disobedience, Simulation, and the Public Sphere
Critical Art Ensemble
Keywords: civil disobedience

30 Years of Tactical Media
Felix Stalder
Keywords: tactical media, media theory

Insular Technologies - A Civil Tactical Response to SIGNIT Communities
by Marko Peljhan
Keywords: infopolitics, Signal Intelligence

Reclaim the Streets: The Film and Other Media Tactics
by Agustin G.
Agustin G. de Quijano
Keywords: urban intervention, street protest

PGO - The Post-Governmental Organisation
Next 5 Minutes 3 Core Theme
N5M3 Editors
Keywords: post-governmental organisation

Culture Board for Bulgaria
A Body for Cultures in Ruin
Luchezar Boyadjiev
Keywords: art, post-governmental organisation

CHANCE 2000: Vote yourself! Just do it!
by Dein Alex
Christoph Schlingensief
Keywords: campaign, social sculpture, post-governmental organisation

Corporate Counter Campaigns - Introduction
By Eveline Lubbers
Eveline Lubbers
Keywords: campaign

The Art of Campaigning
Core Theme of Next 5 Minutes 3
N5M3 Editors

Kein Menschist Illegal - Manifest 1997
Keywords: migration, activism

No One is Illegal! Manifesto
For a world without borders! No immigration controls!

No One is Illegal - Principles
by the Vancouver No One is Illegal-Vancouver
Keywords: activism, migration

The XYZ of Net Activism
Luther Blissett
Keywords: art, activism

When Thought Becomes Crime*
Critical Art Ensemble
Keywords: state repression, campaign

The infamous British court case between McDonald's and a former postman & a gardener from London
Keywords: consumer rights, food safety

Transfiguration of the Avant-Garde
Eric Kluitenberg
Keywords: avantgarde, infinity, The Yesmen, Dow Bhopal Legacy

A New Geography of Power?
by Saskia Sassen
Saskia Sassen
Keywords: globalisation, post-governmental organisation, urban intervention

Contestational Robotics
Critical Art Ensemble, Institute for Applied Autonomy
Keywords: public space, expression management, contestational robotics

In memoriam: Oleg Kireev
a tribute...
Eric Kluitenberg
Keywords: Russia, tactical media

The Re-Code.Com Story
Carbon Defense League
Keywords: campaign, consumer rights

About the Tactical Media Files
Welcome to the Tactical Media Files, a "living archive" for Tactical Media's present, past and future.
TMF Editors
Keywords: tactical media

Product Placement in Learning Environments
From Keystone-Mast to Microsoft
Steve Cisler

Fuzzy Biological Sabotage
Critical Art Ensemble

9-11 and After: A Virtual Case Book
Barbara Abrash

Parasitic Media
Creating Invisible Slicing Parasites and Other Forms of Tactical Augmentation
Nathan Martin

Human rights, testimony, and transnational publicity
Meg McLagan
Keywords: feminism, theory

Realizing The Promise of Open Source in the Non-Profit Sector
Jonathan Peizer

The Role of the Engineer in the Information Age
Arun Mehta

((( i ))) " the whole organism is more than watching "
Keywords: politics, media

Video Warriors
Whispered Media Takes It to the Streets
Liz Canning

The Shared Footage Group
Gurpal Singh

Tactical Television in Italy
For a participative democracy of mass media
Matteo Pasquinelli
Keywords: tactical television, telestreet, urban intervention

The People Want the Airwaves Back
Arun Mehta

Islam and Tactical Media in Amsterdam
David Garcia
Keywords: tactical media, islam, community media

The 'art' of disappearing
By Frank (Vrije Keyser TV), August 2003

The revolution WILL be broadcast - at least locally
On contemporary Italian local television projects
Alessandro Ludovico
Keywords: tactical television, telestreet, Italy

Looking into the practice within the labs
Mrityunjay Chatterjee

Tandem Surfing the Third Wave: Part 3
Interview with subRosa
Ryan Griffis

Notes on the Politics of Software Culture
Andreas Broeckmann

The Revenge of Print
Alessandro Ludovico

CAE: Framing Tactical Media
Critical Art Ensemble
Keywords: art, tactical media

A Virtual World is Possible: From Tactical Media to Digital Multitudes
Geert Lovink, Florian Schneider
Keywords: tactical media, infopolitics, politics, net criticism, net.activism

Vectorial Empires
March 2003
McKenzie Wark
Keywords: infopolitics, politics, tactical media

A Rift in Empire?
The Multitudes in the Face of War
Brian Holmes

Constructing the Digital Commons
A venture into hybridisation
Eric Kluitenberg
Keywords: public domain, public space, digital commons

As power becomes traceable: raising the stakes on critique
Noortje Marres

Cartography of Excess
Bureau d'études, Multiplicity
Brian Holmes

1 in 32
By The Speculative Archive for Historical Clarification.

Transcending Post-Communism?
Joanne Richardson

The DEF of Tactical Media
Or part two of the ABC of Tactical Media (written Febrary 1999 for Next 5 Minutes 3)
David Garcia, Geert Lovink
Keywords: tactical media, diy media, media theory, media criticism

The ABC of Tactical Media
This manifesto was written for the opening of the web site of the Tactical Media Network, May 1997
David Garcia, Geert Lovink
Keywords: tactical media, tactical television, theory, next 5 minutes, diy media, media theory

*Preface: interfiction - perspectives and myths of counter- public in data-nets

Is It O.K. to Be a Luddite?
Thomas Pynchon

The Californian Ideology
Richard Barbrook, Andy Cameron

Die Informationsbombe
Paul Virilio und Friedrich Kittler im Gespraech
Paul Virilio
Keywords: informatiom bomb, infopolitics

Speed and Information: Cyberspace Alarm!
Paul Virilio
Paul Virilio
Keywords: speed

Rehearsal of Memory
Graham Harwood

Hippy Cull
Mark Chapman

Erik Hobijn over techno-parasieten
Een interview fragment - door Geert Lovink

Wilde stakingen bij de vrije media!
Interview met Toek (DFM/artburo/Xybertag-BBS)

Subject: txt-tracks 1-5 from techNet, uk
Pit Schultz

Security through InSecurity
Paul Garrin

Slashing the Borg: Resistance is Fertile
Mark Dery

The Disappearance of Public Space on the Net
by: Paul Garrin, MediaFilter
Paul Garrin
Keywords: net.activism, network cultures

by Robert Adrian

Grundrisse einer Netzkritik
by Geert Lovink + Pit Schultz
Geert Lovink, Pit Schultz
Keywords: network cultures, net criticism

Data Trash: The Theory of the Virtual Class
According to Arthur Kroker, in conversation with Geert Lovink
Arthur Kroker
Keywords: theory, media theory

Sex in the Age of Media
By Marianna Padi

Pit Stop Manifesto
Pit Schultz
Keywords: net criticism, media criticism, tactical media

http://new . territories / appropriation . of . medical . discourse / art . com
Nina Czegledy + Inke Arns

"The Desire to be Wired"
A pre-view paper for the Next 5 min. conference, by Calin Dan
Calin Dan

Toward Polymorphous Radio
On mini-fm, polymedia and self-built transmitters
Tetsuo Kogawa
Keywords: radio

The Information war
Hakim Bey

Cybernetics & Entheogenics
From cyberspace to neurospace
Peter Lamborn Wilson

Unser Feind, das Internet
Margarete Jahrmann - MAMAX Vienna

Change for the Machines
by Matthew Fuller

Access for All FAQ
Volker Grassmuck
Volker Grassmuck
Keywords: tactical media, infopolitics

Some points of departure
Andreas Broeckmann, V2_Organisation Rotterdam, December1995
Andreas Broeckmann
Keywords: culture

Postscript on the Societies of Control
by Gilles Deleuze

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