David Garcia


Founding member of Amsterdam's Time Based Arts and creator of a number of international conferences which explore ways in which live events and public debate can be enhanced by being combined with electronic communications media such as television, radio and computer networks. Initiator of The Next 5 Minutes (94-2003) a series of international conferences and exhibitions on electronic communications and political culture. Co-edited October 2000 Net.congestion (International Festival of Streaming Media). Contributed to Virtual Case Books, a project organized by New York University, The Center for Media, Culture and History about the impact of September 11th on tactical media initiatives.

Currently teaches at Portsmouth University and the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Participating in:

Tactical Media in Crisis
Uses and Abuses of the Language of Human Rights
The legacy of the globalisation protests and the politics of appropriation.
The 1001 Politics of the Archive
INFOWARROOM aan het einde van het tijdperk van de massamedia
The Tactical Media Files Website launch

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