Sheri Herndon


Sheri Herndon is a media and social change activist with 12 years of experience creating media andeducating people about independent media to promote radical socialchange. She was the News director at KCMU Public Radio inSeattle for four years, where she developed a news program that became one of Seattle's most progressive and vibrant activist information sources. As one of the founders of the Independent Media Center in 1999, she has spent the last 3 and a half years focussing her energy on developing the network and supporting IMCs in the global south. She was instrumental in putting together the national legal team for Indymedia Spring 2001 as well as organizing the Indymedia conference in San Francisco. Her most recent speaking engagements include doing workshops for high school students through the Power of Hope project and speaking about social and digital networks and their role in the information age. She recently cofounded the Tactical Media Fund to address financial scarcity in the south and to help identify and support cutting edge global communication projects. At the local level, she cofounded Reclaim the Media, a Northwest-based nonprofit promoting press freedom, media diversity and community media access. She is also on the international editorial board of Next Five Minutes and is working as a consultant for a social justice communication project based out of New York City. Her most recent project is co-editing a book about the change in worldviews from Newtonian science to Quantum physics and its impact on society, especially in the area of public education. She is also on the board of several local media oriented nonprofits, including Earth On-the-Air Independent Media (EOAIM) and Seattle Independent Media Coalition (SIMC) and is a co-founder of Community Powered Radio, a low-powered FM advocacy organization.

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The Indymedia Debate
Indymedia Workshop
Lancering 17-10-2001

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