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Version>03 call for ideas
Invitation for contributions to the Chicago TML....
by Ed Marszewski
Version>02 was our first experiment in bringing the house down and making
some conversations to connect our local scenes with those on the coasts and
in between and beyond. Last years program can be downloaded at:
The site died but will be rejuvenated in a month or so.
The possibilities of this next event will surely be worth the efforts of
your visiting, monitoring and/or participating.
I humbly submit an overview of some ideas we are proceding to dismantle and
reform to present in March 27-30.

call for ideas::
Version>03 a.digital.arts.convergence
technotopia vs technopacalypse
exploring the multitudes of technology, society, arts, activism and culture
Co-presented by Select Media and the Museum of Contemporary Art
Chicago March 27-30 2003
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and other sites
There is no question that technological growth trends in science and
industry are increasing exponentially. There is, however, a growing debate
about what this runaway acceleration of ingenuity may bring. A number of
respected scientists and futurists now are predicting that technological
progress is driving the world toward a "Singularity" - a point at which
technology and nature will have become one. At this juncture, the world as
we have known it will have gone extinct and new definitions of "life,"
"nature" and "human" will take hold.
There is no clear definition, but to many the Singularity is meant as a
future time when societal, scientific and economic change is so fast we
cannot even imagine what will happen from our present perspective, and when
humanity will become posthumanity. Another definition is used in the
Extropians FAQ, where it denotes the singular time when technological
development will be at its fastest. To others the singularities have serious
class conotations. Of course, there are some who think the whole idea is
just technocalyptic dreaming.
"We are on the edge of change comparable to the rise of human life on
Earth," San Diego University Professor of Computer Science Vernor Vinge
first warned the scientific community in 1993. "Within 30 years, we will
have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly
after, the human era will end."
Some scientists and philosophers have theorized that the very purpose of
life is to bring about the Singularity. While leading technology industries
have been aware of the Singularity concept for some time, there are concerns
that, if the public understood the full ramifications of the Singularity,
they would be reluctant to accept many of the new and untested technologies
such as genetically engineered foods, nano-technology and robotics.
Many believe the earth as a living system may collapse within the next few
decades unless we take global actions at every level to bring in sustainable
development. Others believe benevolent applications of technology and
science will save us from ourselves. And still others think the techno
fetishization is a waste of time.
version>03 will explore the technotopian and technoapocalyptic visions of
the future, past and present through discussion, symposia, workshops,
performance, installations, video and film screenings, and exhibitions. By
examining practices, tools and ideas that direct us into the future, we hope
to encourage dialogue and direction in this brave new world.
We hope to have conversations/dialogues on topics including identifying the
technologies and cultures and economies affecting the creation of
singularities and multitudes, building networks, contestational robotics,
alt spaces,developing theories on globalisation, tactical media projects,
freenet open source cultures, security culture, border politics, robot
armies, direct action, new tools, strategies for communication and many
other subjects.
Current and possible projects we will feature at version>03 include:
artist interface devices, tactical vending, freenetproliferation, gameboy
music workshop, skillshare workshops
direct action workshops, robot block, experimental lectures, telepresence,
virtual reality devices, video gaming,
streaming media workshops, version>03 Video library, alt.space networking,
war driving
Current programs and themes are evolving in several simulataneous threads.
Including but in no way limited to:
Tactical media practices
Green/movement actions strategies
Scientific/poltical discourse of the emerging technologies
Sci-Fi or real life technotopic dreams and dystopian nitemare scenarios
Techno topic demonstrations and installations
Multitudes of the SIngularity
The MCA will be the location of the majority of programs and presentations.
Other locations will feature additional workshops, installations and post
MCA program parties/gatherings.
Specifically we are seeking:
Workshop proposals, Performance proposals, Panel proposals (with speakers
and participants flushed out)
New media Installations (multi channel works / kiosk based- other),
Papers/articles ,Visual arts work that relates to the themes to be printed
and/or exhibited, Film.video new screen projections, Public intervention
projects, Writers to interview artists thinkers/participants
inquries regarding :
editorial submissions, web based works, performance, panels and workshop
ideas, installations, film and video submissions will take priority.
Some ideas to think about or comment upon:
what is the singularity? how do we conceive the singularity/multitudes? ,
What are the limits to technology? How can/are
artists and other "non-experts" creating interventions to open up public
response and discourse about the new social realities and creating new
social relations?" Positons in exploring the future., genetics/ robotics /
nanotechnology / global justice movement, Strategies for confronting the
singularity. How do we navigate and find a public in a corporate controlled
digital world. What are the projects opening up the space for
version>03 is also a contribution to the N5M4 international tactical media
festival taking place year round all over the world to culminate in May
send proposals and ideas to ed marszewski ed@lumpen.com
january 15 is a deadline to check.
materials to:
960 w 31st street
chicago ill 60608