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Zanzibar TML
by Todd Lester
A Tactical Media Lab at ZIFF - Zanzibar International Film Festival

In environs such as Zanzibar and throughout the region, production of tactical media requires appropriation and the innovative layering of older, traditional media with an understanding outlook to available media in other parts of the world. With this in mind, ZIFF highlights the following tactical media workshops, dialogues and exhibitions included within its broader programming. This TML will be held over a period of two weeks (June 28 - July 12) in historic Stonetown and throughout the villages of Zanzibar.
ZIFF aims to consolidate the East African linkage where Kiswahili is a commonly used language. ZIFF seeks to nurture an awareness of the Dhow region and the historical and cultural interaction that has shaped the cultural memory of its peoples. ZIFF sees its role as foregrounding the significance that the Dhow symbolizes for contemporary discussions on globalization and its ramifications.