N5M Zapbook - Table of Contents

Working Papers for The Next 5 Minutes
Conference, Exhibition and TV Program on Tactical Television
Amsterdam, October, 1992
Edited by Amsterdam Cultural Studies
(Jeroen van Bergeijk, Geke van Dijk, Karel Koch, Bas Raijmakers)

Preface    5

Introduction Bas Raijmakers    6

Histories    9

A Brief History of American Documentary Video Deidre Boyle
Occupying the New Audiovisual. Interview with Luiz Fernando Santoro Sylvia Roy and Nancy Thede
Difficult Beginnings. Alternative video and television in West Africa Cheik Kolla Maiga
New Views from Old Delhi Rajive Jain
From Small Scale utopianism to Large Scale Pragmatism Ole Prehn
Amsterdam Open Kanaal N5M
Pirate TV in Eastern Europe Evelyn Messinger
Seeing is Believing. The arts on TV Kathy Rae Huffman
Toward TV.: Video art in the late '80s - A few thought Nik Houghton

Theories    25

Jean Baudrillard, Bertold Brecht, Michel de Certeau, John Chesterman and Andy Lipman, Sean Cubitt, Umberto Eco, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, John Fiske, Dick Hebdige, The Immediasts, Ted Koppel, Marshal McLuhan, Alan McLuskey, Sherry Millner, Herbert Schiller, Raymong Williams

The camcoder revolution    29

Itroduction Karel Koch
Finding one's own voice: releasing the "other" into the american media Kathy High
News with a view Janet Sorensen
Pamphlet Paul Gaurrin
Video Verité David Montgomery
Video Witness, Festival of New Journalism Catalogue Chris Hill
Shifting Communities/Forming Alliances Alex Juhasz
Camcoder craze stars the whole nation Peter Baumont
Untitled Martha Rosler
Despite TV Malcolm Dickson

The South    37

Introduction Geke van Dijk
Marginality or Politics Rafael Roncagliolo
Paddington: Metro Television Pip Parsonson
Alternative Video and Television. The urgent need for action Alain Ambrosi
Film and Video in South Africa Today Mokomenyana Molete
Behind the smile Kamron Gunatilaka
Statement of Principles Videazimut
New Dawn Video N5M
South Project Channel Four
You are being Brainwashed! Moviemakers take on cultural colonialism David Lush
Tactical Television in Latin America Raul Marroquin

Wartime    45

Introduction Jeroen van Bergeijk
Interview with Paul Virilio Thierry Chervel and Alexander Smoliczyk
The German way of reading Peter Glotz
Paper Tiger Television. Smashing the mythes of the information industry Dee Dee Halleck
Tiger from Paper. Two short interviews with Paper Tiger television Isabella Graw
The Rapid Demise of Sarajevo TV Ursula Ruston
Illusion - Simulation - Reality Franz Kluge
The medium is the massage Marshall McLuhan

Eastern Europe    53

Introduction Geert Lovink
Internews Network
Independent Broadcasting Internews Network
Kanal A Evelyn Messinger
About Ourselves Black Box
Black Box Russel Morgan
Black Box Marianna Padi
Interview with Stefana Steriade Geert Lovink
Esthetics of the Video document. De Romanian tele-revolution according to Farocki and Ujica Geert Lovink

Visual Arts    61

Introduction David Garcia
Van Gogh TV Marion Borch-Madsen
Piazza Virtuale Ponton Media Art Lab
Kanaal zero on Amsterdam Cable TV David Garcia
Video: Shedding the Utopian Moment Martha Rosler
The Necessity of Doing Away With Video Art John Wyver
Introduction of Video in the Visual Arts in the Netherlands Ernie Tee

List of people involved in The Next Five Minutes    70

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