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In solidarity with and participation in the popular uprisings taking place across Lebanon against the current systems of power, we the undersigned cultural organizations and structures collectively commit to Open Strike, and call for our colleagues in the cultural sector to join us.

On January 20, 2018, marking the one year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, Deep Dish TV and Paper Tiger released We Interrupt this Program, a video/web series about the global eco-economic-political crises and rise in far-right politics.

Tactical Media Connections public program, Amsterdam January 20 - 22, 2017.

As part of the Tactical Media Connections public research trajectory tracing the legacies of Tactical Media and its connections to the present, a series of public events take place in Amsterdam between January 20 and 22, 2017. The public program includes an exhibition at Framer Framed in the Tolhuistuin cultural centre, opening on Friday January 20; a Meme Wars Lab workshop on Friday January 20; a public debate at Eye Filmmuseum on Saturday January 21, and a one day conference (‘The Society of Post-Control’) again at the Tolhuistuin on Sunday January 22.

Please find below a brief program overview, followed by a detailed description of the different parts of the public program.

Today, [September 9] after years of requesting the care she needs for gender dysphoria, Chelsea Manning has released a statement about the start of her hunger strike.

Chelsea is demanding written assurances from the Army she will receive all of the medically prescribed recommendations for her gender dysphoria and that the "high tech bullying" will stop. "High tech bullying," is what Chelsea describes as "the constant, deliberate and overzealous administrative scrutiny by prison and military officials."

International meeting for #GlobalDebout programme May 7th-8th – Paris, Place de la République
Location: Paris, Place de la République

This meeting is intended for activists and citizens all over the world.
International Call by #NuitDebout

Today, 9 October, 2015 WikiLeaks releases the final negotiated text for the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Intellectual Property Rights Chapter. The TPP encompasses 12 nations representing more than 40 per cent of global GDP. Despite a final agreement, the text is still being withheld from the public, notably until after the Canadian election on October 19.

Resistance Strategies, Unionizing, and Coalition Building in a Time of Global Conflict and Contradiction.

This third issue of the ArtLeaks Gazette brings together art workers dealing with these urgent questions about models of organizations, unionizing, and strategies of resistance, and helping us to illuminate new ways of production and coalition building in international and local environments.

Istanbul, October 31 & November 1, SALT Beyoglu and SALT Galata.

The 10th annual meeting of Video Vortex is to be hosted in Istanbul at venues and institutions around GALATA all involved in this year's topics: art, activism and archives..

Framer Framed is proud to present an evening program that focuses on YanukovychLeaks and Videoccupy; two artistic projects respectively from Ukraine and Turkey. The projects are concerned with the notion of archiving in relation to current political issues in these countries.

Tuinzaal, Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, September 17, 2014, 20.30 hrs.

situation in vluchtschool

Dear followers and supporters,

Thank you very much for your support of more than two years, for everything you brought and you keep on bringing to us. Now that we have a hard moment than before, Now that we are tired and sick, now that the government is punishing us and now that we cannot go back to our respective countries, we turn ourselves towards you, the people of the Netherlands. Knowing that we cannot stay here, and we cannot go to other EU countries due to the EU Dublin's agreement (law) what are we going to do? We need politically your support more than before.

A public debate at Framer Framed, Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, Sunday July 6, 2014 - 14.00 - 17.00 hrs.

The relationship between art and political conflict has been significantly reshaped by the proliferation of digital media and the internet as a means of instant dissemination of images, texts, and audiovisual expressions. Artistic /activist actions intervene via these digital means into an expanded symbolical space that is no longer the sole sanctuary of artists and art audiences, but instead has become the 'neural fibre' of everyday life.

Today, a group of occupiers, seasoned activists and future leaders are announcing the launch of a new political movement for a democratic revolution in the U.S.A.

Conference on Information Politics, Digital Culture & Global Protest Movements April 4th 2014 - King's College London

On Anniversary of Aaron Swartz's Tragic Passing, Leading Internet Groups and Online Platforms Announce Day of Activism Against NSA Surveillance.

Mobilization, dubbed "The Day We Fight Back" to Honor Swartz & Celebrate Anniversary of SOPA Blackout.

Archives - Life-Cycles - Care
TMF editors Eric Kluitenberg and David Garcia have been invited to participate in the workshop "Taking Care of Things!" in Lüneburg, Germany, January 15-18, organised by the Post-Media Lab / Centre for Digital Cultures - Leuphana University, and Habits of Living in cooperation with the Stadtarchiv Lüneburg.

The latest issue of The Occupied Times of London is devoted to the question of technology in contemporary forms of political contestation. The main question thrown up by  the editors is to ask: "What is technology for?" (TMF editors)

The reader of The Seropositive Ball has been added to the Tactical Media Files as a freely downloadable pdf. The Seropostive Ball was a 69-hour 'networked event' staged at Amsterdam's Paradiso June 21-24, 1990, and  a shadow conference to the World AIDS Conference in San Francisco. The event was an important precursor for the first Next 5 Minutes festival on Tactical Television (1993). This exceptional document deserves special attention, hence this non-standard announcement.  (TMF editors)

A demonstration in solidarity with Anonymous Hacker Jeremy Hammond occurred last night (December 3, 2013) at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn where he is temporarily being held. Just two weeks ago, the 28 year old was sentenced to 10 years in federal detention for cyber crimes. Amongst other high-profile breaches, he leaked confidential intelligence data to Wikileaks from a private intelligence firm known as Stratfor. Many consider Stratfor to be a "shadow CIA" operating under even less regulation and oversight than a government entity.

November 6, 2013 - San Francisco, California
The California Department of Corrections (CDC) has unveiled a new series of advertisements to defend America's drone policy amidst mounting public scrutiny from lawmakers and human rights groups.  
On Election Day, November 5, 2013 the CDC successfully apprehended, rehabilitated and discharged over a dozen bus shelter advertisements in San Francisco, including the intersection of Market and 7th Street, one block from the Federal Building.

ARTPLAY, Small Hall, Moscow, Russia
Dates: October 23rd - November 6th, 2013

In the second half of the 20th century, anarchist artists from PROVO, feminist movement Dolle Mina, Amsterdam squatters and media activists influenced Dutch state politics and changed public opinion with their sensational actions. What were they fighting for and what has become of activist art today? The exhibition tells the story of creative protest movements in the Netherlands from 1960s till 1990s, when those movements flourished, and also includes pieces by contemporary artists working with political themes today.

WikiLeaks Statement On Edward Snowden's Exit From Hong Kong
Sunday June 23, 17:50 BST


Mr Edward Snowden, the American whistleblower who exposed evidence of a global surveillance regime conducted by US and UK intelligence agencies, has left Hong Kong legally. He is bound for the Republic of Ecuador via a safe route for the purposes of asylum, and is being escorted by diplomats and legal advisors from WikiLeaks.

The DARS Page chronicles daily acts of resistance and subversion (DARS) in contemporary Arab societies and beyond. All forms of resistance and subversion to political, economic, social, or cultural forms of exploitation will be of interest. This includes resistance to authoritarianism, occupation, imperialism, and social norms, and the many ways these are subverted.

On display March 30-May 30, 2013 at Slought Foundation, Philadelphia

Opening event on Saturday, March 30th; 5:00-7:00pm

Slought Foundation is pleased to present The Days of the Commune, a cinematic installation by artist Zoe Beloff in the Slought galleries from March 30 - May 30, 2013. An opening event featuring the artist and 20 participating actors, activists and artists will take place on Saturday, March 30, 2013, from 5:00-7:00pm. Live songs with musical accompaniment will be performed, followed by a historical overview of the 1871 Paris Commune and a public conversation with the artist.

We, the supporters of the #FREEBASSEL project are inviting every person, everywhere to make an event on March 15, 2013 with other people in your city in global solidarity to call for the immediate release of open web advocate Bassel Khartibil. This day is the one year anniversary of the illegal jailing of Bassel Khartibil, well known free internet pioneer, software engineer, teacher, husband, family-man and friend. Bassel is a normal guy, in a bad situation. He is now stuck in a Syrian jail cell where he is not able to directly contribute to his local and global communities. We demand his captors to #FREEBASSEL!

On March 22nd and 23rd 2013 the Institute of NetworkCultures will organize the event Unlike Us #3. The aim of Unlike Us is to establish a research network of artists, designers, scholars, activists and programmers who work on 'alternatives in social media'. Unlike Us was founded in July 2011. Through workshops, conferences, online dialogues and publications, Unlike Us intends to both analyze the economic and cultural aspects of dominant social media platforms and to propagate the further development and proliferation of alternative, decentralized social media software.

Book presentations:

Tuesday, 5 March 2013, 7:00 p.m.
Depot, Vienna
Oliver Ressler in conversation with Luisa Ziaja (held in German)
An event in cooperation with Open Systems - Zentrum für Kunstprojekte, Vienna

Friday, 8 March 2013, 7:30 p.m.
Home Workspace, Ashkal Alwan, Beirut
Book signing at 7:30pm and presentation at 8pm by Gregory Sholette

Thursday, 25 April 2013, 6:30 p.m.
Austrian Cultural Forum, New York
Book presentation with Gregory Sholette, Oliver Ressler and guests

One day seminar and public evening debate on social media activism in the Arab World and China, organised by the Centre for Globalisation Studies of the University of Amsterdam, Monday 21 January 2013.

Recent legislative steps in Hungary point towards  the authoritarian transformation of the  institutional structures and funding system of  cultural life, by giving an ultra conservative  artist group close to the rightwing government,  the Hungarian Academy of Arts, an unassailable  position of power. As a result of these  decisions, the government has endangered the long  term autonomy, professionalism and democratic  procedures of Hungarian contemporary art.

Appeal to all free people of the world: Let's work together to stop daily massacres, arrests and displacements in Syria. Let's work together to bring down the murderous Assad regime in Syria.

This is an appeal to all Syrian communities and to all free people around the world to organise processions and sit-ins in front of United Nations offices in all around the world...

A 24/7 marathon camp on artistic strategies in politics and political strategies in art. 21/09 - 28/09/2012, Graz, Austria.

Cultural Center REX, Jevrejska 16, Belgrade, Serbia
Friday, 31st of August, 7pm, 2012

Participants: Corina L. Apostol, Maja Ciric, Pavle Cosic / KORNET, Nikola Radic Lucati, Vladan Jeremic, Selman Trtovac, Vesna Milosavljevic /, Stefan Tiron, Noa Treister, The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, Marica Radojcic, Rena Rädle.
The 3rd ArtLeaks Working Assembly will be facilitated by Corina Apostol, The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, Stefan Tiron and Vladan Jeremic.

Today, Thursday 5 July 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing the Syria Files - more than two million emails from Syrian political figures, ministries and associated companies, dating from August 2006 to March 2012.

ArtLeaks invites you to a public working assembly around the issues that are at the core of the group's mission - exposing instances of abuse, corruption and exploitation in the art world. This is the official public launch of our platform, which began to operate in September 2011, and will be followed by a series of debates and workshops in the near future. These present a unique opportunity to engage more directly with conditions of cultural work that affect not only artists but creative workers in general: those from the traditionally creative fields as well as those generally involved in cultural production.


Strategies for Tactical Archives
27 October 2023 19:30 - 21:00
Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

In a keynote lecture writer and activist Sarah Schulman shares insights into her work around LGBTQI+ rights and AIDS advocacy. Schulman discusses the context in which ACTUP (Aids Coalition to Unleash Power) emerged in the late 1980s, and how the group successfully campaigned against the silencing out of the HIV / AIDS pandemic.

Two respondents for the evening are artist and activist Anne Krul, and Eliza Steinbock (Maastricht University). The evening is moderated by Sara Rosa Espi Jacobson (Network Archives Design and Digital Culture).

Sarah Schulman

Sarah Schulman is an American writer and activist, known for her impactful contributions to LGBTQ+ rights and AIDS advocacy. With a prolific literary career spanning various genres, she fearlessly tackles social justice issues, shedding light on the challenges faced by marginalised communities. Her book Let the Record Show provides an invaluable historical perspective on the influential work of ACT UP, highlighting the importance of collective activism in times of crisis.

Sarah Schulman is the author of more than twenty works of fiction (including The Cosmopolitans, Rat Bohemia, and Maggie Terry), nonfiction (including Stagestruck, Conflict is Not Abuse, and The Gentrification of the Mind), and theatre (Carson McCullers, Manic Flight Reaction, and more), and the producer and screenwriter of several feature films (The Owls, Mommy Is Coming, and United in Anger, among others). Her writing has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, Slate, and many other outlets.

She is an Endowed Chair in Creative Writing at Northwestern University, a Fellow at the New York Institute of Humanities, the recipient of multiple fellowships from the MacDowell Colony, Yaddo, and the New York Foundation for the Arts, and was presented in 2018 with Publishing Triangle's Bill Whitehead Award. She is also the cofounder of the MIX New York LGBT Experimental Film and Video Festival, and the co-director of the groundbreaking ACT UP Oral History Project. A lifelong New Yorker, she is a longtime activist for queer rights and female empowerment, and serves on the advisory board of Jewish Voice for Peace.


19.30  welcome and introduction
19.40  Sarah Schulman
20.10  response by Anne Krul
20.25  response by Eliza Steinbock
20.35  discussion
21.00  program end

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The Strategies for Tactical Archives conference investigates how documentation and archiving can feed into living practices of activists, artists and media makers that address the position of communities who feel aggrieved or excluded from the wider public culture.

The program consists of a public keynote lecture on Friday evening October 27 (starting 19.30) by Sarah Schulman, writer, activist and co-initiator of the ACTUP Oral History Project and author of Let the Record Show - A Political History of ACTUP New York, 1987-1993. This is followed by a one day conference on Saturday October 28 (10-17 hrs.) at Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.

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Disruption Network Institute:
Investigating the Kill Cloud

A new hub for investigations and empirical research on how artificial intelligence impacts new technologies of war, automated weapons, and networked warfare.

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“Shahidul Alam 1st Time Magazine Person Of The Year 2018. National Geographic Explorer at Large. Photographer, writer, curator, human rights activist.

It was exactly five years ago today that I had been abducted from my home. I was blindfolded, handcuffed, taken away and tortured. I spent 107 days in incarceration. I am out on bail, but despite the fact that the law on which I was charged has been repealed and the trial has not yet begun, five years on, I still need to appear in court every month. If convicted, I face fourteen years in jail. Yet we resist. #democracy #freedomofspeech #bangladesh #politics Please download this movie and share it before it gets taken down.”

Shahidul Alam's post on Linkedin

Pen International in support of Shahidul Alam
[Published 22 September 2018]

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Impressions from the poetry slam for Mumia Abu-Jamal in the live studio of Next 5 Minutes 3 March 1999, broadcasted live on Amsterdam local television.

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Duration: 19 Apr 2022 - 30 Dec 2022

The Tactical Media Room (TMR) is an initiative of Waag Futurelab and Institute for Network Cultures (HvA), founded in late February 2022 after the Russian invasion in Ukraine. In collaboration with hackers, artists, designers and researchers in The Netherlands, TMR aims to support independent tactical media, journalists, newsrooms and civic initiatives from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

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In the United States, fascism presently unfolds as a simulation. The fascist simulation constitutes itself as a pixelated sea of livestreams, images, posts, and comments, circulating widely as its own networked, autonomous model of reality. It is enacted as an ensemble of people, social media platforms, presidential tweets, superspreader events, confederate flags, television chyrons, informatic infrastructures, automatic rifles, toxic masculinities, MAGA hats, racist hashtags, and video game servers. It is fascist ideology reified through consumer technology.

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The series of photos Capture is composed of French police officers’ faces. The artist, Paolo Cirio collected 1000 public images of police in photos taken during protests in France and processed them with Facial Recognition software. Cirio then created an online platform with a database of the resulting 4000 faces of police officers to crowdsource their identification by name. Cirio also printed the officers’ headshots as street art posters and posted them throughout Paris to expose them in the public space. Capture comments on the potential uses and misuses of Facial Recognition and Artificial Intelligence by questioning the asymmetry of power at play. The lack of privacy regulations of such technology eventually turns against the same authorities that urge the use of it. Ultimately, as an activist, Cirio introduced a campaign to ban Facial Recognition technology in all of Europe by organizing a petition in collaboration with privacy organizations.

Paolo Cirio, 2020.


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Text campaign and research Ban Facial Recognition Europe, by Paolo Cirio. 2020

This petition introduces the campaign for the permanent ban of Facial Recognition used for identification and profiling in all of Europe. An initiative by the activist Paolo Cirio and thanks to the research and analysis of European Digital Rights (EDRi).

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#DefundThePolice /  #InvestInCommunities
May 30, 2020

Enough is enough.

Our pain, our cries, and our need to be seen and heard resonate throughout this entire country.

We demand acknowledgment and accountability for the devaluation and dehumanization of Black life at the hands of the police.

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Slought mourns and demands justice for the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Ahmaud Arbery, and the many others whose lives were taken by the police and white supremacy.

"Without community, there is no liberation."
― Audre Lorde

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Simple steps to take before hitting the streets

Mass protests have broken out across the United States after a Minneapolis police officer killed black Minnesotan George Floyd while he was in police custody.

One thing demonstrators should be aware of before they head out is that their cellphones may subject them to surveillance tactics by law enforcement. If your cellphone is on and unsecured, not only can your location be tracked, but your messages and the content of your phone may also be retrieved by police either if they take custody of your phone or later by warrant or subpoena.

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Police officers are sworn to serve and protect us--but they are literally killing our people in our communities.
Mike Brown. Ferguson. John Crawford. Ohio. Eric Garner. New York. Ezell Ford. Los Angeles.
Israel Hernandez. Miami.

We've gotta take action.
We are asking young people around the country to go to the U.S. Attorney's office near them.
Get Involved at


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How much has changed in just a few days. Here is another text I've composed in an attempt to continue to think about the pandemic, and our lives within it. I hope it's of use, however minorly, as we all try to come to some kind of terms with the novel transformations, precarities, and struggles emerging in every direction.


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Translating the abstraction—and banalities—of the Anthropocene into readable cartography has resulted in many past attempts that often ended up reproducing those same qualities. But, as Brian Holmes asserts in this essay, we seem to have found ourselves in a moment where collaboration, engagement, and new forms of knowledge exchange are breaking that deadlock. Tracing his own involvement with artistic practices that both engage with and attempt to represent a “political ecology,” Holmes explains how the evolving, collaborative cartographic practice that brought the "Mississippi. An Anthropocene River map" into being simultaneously reveals and interrogates the power structures of Anthropocence society.

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In solidarity with and participation in the popular uprisings taking place across Lebanon against the current systems of power, we the undersigned cultural organizations and structures collectively commit to Open Strike, and call for our colleagues in the cultural sector to join us.

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We do not regret to inform you that Ashkal Alwan is indefinitely postponing all programmes and events scheduled to take place from October 17-27, 2019 as part of the 8th edition of Home Works: A Forum on Cultural Practices.

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“Border Tuner” is a large-scale, participatory art installation designed to interconnect El Paso and Ciudad Juárez: powerful robotic searchlights make “bridges of light” that open bidirectional live sound channels for communication across the US-Mexico border. The piece creates a fluid canopy of light that can be modified by visitors to six interactive stations, three placed at Juarez’s Chamizal Park and three at El Paso’s Bowie High School. Each of the interactive stations features a custom-made lectern with a microphone, a speaker and a large knob or dial. As a participant turns the dial, three nearby searchlights create an “arm” of light that follows the movement of the dial, automatically scanning the horizon. When two such “arms of light” meet in the sky and intersect, automatically a bidirectional channel of sound is opened between the people at the two remote stations. As they speak and hear each other, the brightness of the “light bridge” modulates in sync, —a glimmer similar to a Morse code scintillation. When a light bridge is created, the dials are “snapped in place” by a slight clutch resistance: overcoming this haptic resistance allows the participant to tune out of the particular conversation and tune-in to new ones. Every interactive station can tune any other, so for example a participant in Mexico can connect to the three US-based stations or to the other two in Mexico, as they wish.

At the start of the project each night, prior to opening the microphones to the general public, a variety of special guests on both sides will take control of the system. One evening it might be slam poets, another jazz musicians, beatboxers, seniors, indigenous speakers, maker/hackers, choirs, historians, feminists, sports fans, and so on; during these “opening remarks” the piece will be set to a special mode where all the lights intersect and all six stations can hear each other.

When no one is participating, the searchlights for each station form an inverted tetrahedron, - a “flower” formation -, and modulate their intensity reacting to pre-recorded content. This content is curated in conjunction with communities on both sides of the border and is meant to animate the piece permanently with diverse voices that represent the region. The lectern interface, the podium where people participate, was chosen because it already invites people to address others. The lectern will have space for a musician to place a score, or for a poet to place his or her writing, for example.

Contrary to previous Lozano-Hemmer voice activated public works, in this project the lights signal “listening” and tuning. To be heard a participant depends on others to tune him or her in. Once conversations are established they cannot be interrupted by others. The sound-to- light modulation is also different from previous projects: if participants are silent their lights are at full brightness but as they speak their brightness modulates to the inverse of their volume. Loud people shouting will thus have the faintest lights.

“Border Tuner” is not only designed to create new interconnections between the communities on both sides of the border, but to make visible the relationships that are already in place: magnifying existing connections, conversations and culture that are already shared. The piece is intended as a visible “switchboard” of communication where people can self-represent. The piece seeks to provide a platform for a wide-range of local voices and an opportunity to draw international attention to the complicity and interdependence between the sister cities that create the largest binational metropolitan area in the western hemisphere.

The project will be active every night at dusk, November 7 - 24, 2019.

Co-curated by Kerry Doyle (University of Texas at El Paso) and León de la Rosa (Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez).

For donations or support please contact El Paso Community Foundation or Fundación Comunitaria de la Frontera Norte


El video y la información en español está en esta página:


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Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to achieve radical change in order to minimise the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse.

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Devin Allen and Stephanie Renée on the power of photography and citizen activism in contesting social injustice Fields of Knowledge

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Our esteemed colleague, Ola Bini, is being detained as a political prisoner in Ecuador. Please take action to show your support:

Sign our solidarity letter from the tech community
Follow @FreeOlaBini, tweet #FreeOlaBini and visit for updates
Email if you want to help with these campaign efforts
Join our newsletter for updates

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Julian Assange's safety is in serious jeopardy. He is now threatened with imminent arrest and extradition from the United Kingdom to the United States where he faces life in prison. He and his campaign team urgently need your help. Elements in the US government are aggressively pressuring Ecuador to withdraw his asylum status - the time for action is now!

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Unauthorized Special Edition of the Washington Post: “Trump Flees White House”

Bye-Bye 45” offers road map to creating the near future we want and need

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Dr. Shahidul Alam, internationally renowned photographer, activist, founder and Managing Director of the Bangladesh multimedia company, Drik, founder of Chobi Mela International Photography Festival and Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, was forcibly abducted from his home on the night of 5 August.

Shahidul Alam was granted bail on November 15, 2018 and released from jail, but still faces a maximum of 14 years in prison if convicted.

News and updates #freeshahidulalam

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Online Film Programme

As part of the exhibition, more than twenty of Žilnik’s films are from now on available for online viewing. Many of these are rarely screened, and all are being made available online to this extent for the first time. The films trace various periods and different working conditions within Žilnik’s practice.

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The landscape of new media has become a battleground over ideas. Claims of information being true or fake have shaped the nature of reality itself. This episode explores how both activists and fascists have used media tools, and calls for an ethical use of platforms.

About the Producer:

Marisa Holmes is an activist and media maker based in New York City. Her work has appeared in PBS, Al Jazeera,, Waging Nonviolence, Truthout and the AK Press compilation We Are Many: Reflections on Movement Strategy. She is the producer and director of the feature film All Day All Week: An Occupy Wall Street Story and the forthcoming feature Dégagé! looking at the militarization of borders and refugee crisis in North Africa. She is also a collective member of Paper Tiger Television and champion of independent and radical media.


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by Alina Mogollon-Volk (AliMVo Productions)
EPISODE 6 of We Interrupt This Program

"Housing As a Human Right: A Billion Dollar Issue" looks at the real social and economic strain of the homeless crisis in New York City. Billions of tax dollars are spent every year, but the human cost continues to rise with record numbers of homeless. Looking beyond shelters and stigmas, we find other solutions that can build communities and provide opportunities for people to have a permanent home.


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An exhibition exploring activist strategies undertaken by media collectives, organized with EAI and ICA

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Deep Dish TV and Paper Tiger TV to Release New Video Series About Resistance to Rise of Far-Right Political Movements.
We Interrupt this Program brings together reports from frontlines of fight against white nationalism, neoliberalism, patriarchy, and colonialism.

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“Antisocial Media” is a remix/cut-up/utopian-plagiarism of Guy Debord’s 1967 “The Society of the Spectacle” that reflects on the role of the network and (anti)social media in political, economic, and everyday life.

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Outer Spaces Conference Series 2017

An analysis of ISIS and its media strategy, the meaning of cyber jihad, and why people enrol as foreign fighters.

The 12th conference of the Disruption Network Lab
Directed by Tatiana Bazzichelli. Studio 1, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin.

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We are not surprised.

We are artists, arts administrators, assistants, curators, directors, editors, educators, gallerists, interns, scholars, students, writers, and more—workers of the art world—and we have been groped, undermined, harassed, infantilized, scorned, threatened, and intimidated by those in positions of power who control access to resources and opportunities. We have held our tongues, threatened by power wielded over us and promises of institutional access and career advancement.

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Xnet publishes a Basic How-to guide for preserveing fundamental rights on the Internet
#Democracy – Rights and freedoms protected by the people: recent events in Catalonia as a case study

How-to guide:
Even more basic PDF version.

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An interview with a Syrian activist in exile, code-named Sami, published by draws attenton once more to the radical experiment in real-life bottom-up matriarchal democratic design unfolding  against all odds in the autonomous Kurdish region of Rojava in Northern Syria. We are republishing two short texts here on this subject matter to speculate about the question if 'Rojava' could offer a repeatable model for post-governmental political design?

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Call to join the cybernetic edition of CompArte  "Against Capital and its Walls, All the Arts"

July, 2017

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Berlin · May 12 2017:

Conference series by Disruption Network Lab e.V.

Whistleblowers and truth-tellers persecuted for blowing the whistle, critical thinkers and activists meet to discuss countermeasures to detention and repression.

The 11th event of the Disruption Network Lab to celebrate the upcoming freedom of Chelsea Manning and launch the new book by John Kiriakou (CIA anti-torture whistleblower). Directed by Tatiana Bazzichelli.

With: John Kiriakou (CIA anti-torture whistleblower, USA); Annie Machon (former MI5 intelligence officer, UK/BE);
Annegret Falter (Chair Whistleblower Netzwerk e.V., DE); Magnus Ag (Senior Programm Officer, Freemuse, DK/DE); Silvanos Mudzvova (Artist Protection Fund Fellow in residency at The University of Manchester, ZWE/UK).

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How much of this is fiction. focuses on politically inspired media art that uses deception in all its forms, and will be showing at HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel) from 23 March until 21 May 2017.

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A conversation between the Electronic Disturbance Theater & Ian Alan Paul

Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center
مركز خليل السكاكيني الثقافي
Wednesday, March 22nd, 6:30pm
Khalil Sakakini Str. Al Masyoon, Ramallah, Palestine
Wednesday, March 22nd, 6:30pm

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Exploring the radical shift in the boundary between fiction and reality in a world increasingly governed by ‘post-truth’ politics

Exhibition @ FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Liverpool,  2 March 2017 - 21 May 2017
Public Opening: Thursday 2 March / 6 - 8pm / All galleries

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Tactical Media Connections public program, Amsterdam January 20 - 22, 2017.

As part of the Tactical Media Connections public research trajectory tracing the legacies of Tactical Media and its connections to the present, a series of public events take place in Amsterdam between January 20 and 22, 2017. The public program includes an exhibition at Framer Framed in the Tolhuistuin cultural centre, opening on Friday January 20; a Meme Wars Lab workshop on Friday January 20; a public debate at Eye Filmmuseum on Saturday January 21, and a one day conference (‘The Society of Post-Control’) again at the Tolhuistuin on Sunday January 22.

Please find below a brief program overview, followed by a detailed description of the different parts of the public program.

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The 3D Additivist Manifesto + forthcoming Cookbook call for you to accelerate the 3D printer and other technologies to their absolute limits and beyond into the realm of the speculative, the provocative and the weird.
Morehshin Allahyari & Daniel Rourke

Shared under tcc.license

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Simi Valley, Ca. - The NRA announced today, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, a new program to get guns into the hands of statistically under-armed Americans—from homosexuals to the elderly to besieged urban communities—and make self-defense, rather than gun control, the protection of choice for all Americans.

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A spoof edition of The S*n tabloid newspaper has started to appear at Liverpool news agents, following the Sun's refusal to mention the Hillsborough inquest verdicts on its front page, and the infamous 'The Truth' front page on April 19, 1989, containing false accusations towards Liverpool fans. In parallel a nation wide campaign has started refusing free World Cup promotion editions of The Sun across the UK.

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Nuit Debout is a French social movement that began on March 31, 2016, arising out of protests against proposed neoliberal labor reforms known as the "Loi Travail," or the "El Khomri Law".

The movement is centred at Paris's Place de la République, where protestors have held nightly assemblies following the March 31 protest. The movement has spread to dozens of other cities and towns in France and to neighbouring countries in Europe.

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Read Full Article is the digital media archive of social movements in Turkey. From Gezi to Tekel workers resistance, from 19 January to Hewsel, it aims to reveal the near history of Turkey with audio-visual recordings, documentations and testimonies.

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The Citizens’ Securities Law’s Reform is an attack on the right of freedom of assembly. This measure restricts citizens’ liberties, and criminalizes their right to protest. Turning a right into an offence for which you can be pursued, detained, and judged.
To respond to this injustice and to show the future will have to face if this bill continues its course, we saw the need to carry out a different kind of protest that would allow our demands to become unstoppable: the first hologram protest in history.
A massive protest, through which we will demonstrate, that despite the trammels imposed by the government, they will not silence our voices, and even if we have to turn ourselves into holograms, we will keep on protesting.

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A project of Krzysztof Wodiczko and Robert Ochshorn

The veteran vehicle was developed in order to give a public voice to veterans struggling with the difficulties of returning to civilian life.

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"They say it's a joke they say it's a game." The slogan was launched on the Chicago streets by the group We Charge Genocide, in the middle of a demo demanding reparations for victims of police torture. The folks on the street chanted those words, we hurled them out of our mouths in staccato bursts, while looking round at the passers-by who pretended not to notice. What the chant means is either enigmatic, or it's painfully obvious. There is a kind of disdain that minimizes a death or a beating or a torture or a life sentence for black people in the name of lawfulness, efficiency, morality and humanist ideals. That kind of disdain has made democracy impossible in the US - and other places too.

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Introduction to the Disruption Network Lab #2, "CYBORG", Berlin, May 29-30, 2015, and an Interview with Franco 'Bifo' Berardi.
Published on 6 June 2015.
Disruption Network Lab
An ongoing platform of events and research on art, hacktivism and disruption in Berlin.


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A public research trajectory tracing the legacies of Tactical Media and its connections to the present.

Tactical Media Connections is an extended trajectory of collaborative research tracing the legacies of Tactical Media and mapping the relationships between its precursors and its progeny. The program is realised through a series of meetings and exhibitions, culminating in the publication of a Tactical Media Anthology with contributions and dialogues ranging across generations and territories.

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Ferguson is everywhere. From St. Louis to Ayotzinapa to Palestine, millions are rising together to resist discrimination and State terrorism.

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Privacy, copyright, classified documents and state secrets, but also spontaneous network phenomena like flash mobs and hashtag revolutions, reveal one thing – we lost control over the digital world. We experience a digital tailspin, or as Michael Seemann calls it in this essay: a loss of control or Kontrollverlust. Data we never knew existed is finding paths that were not intended and reveals information that we would never have thought of on our own.

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This campaign originates from our love and concern for Hong Kong. We believe that a truly harmonious society can only be built upon a just political system. The campaign aims to strive for the election of the Chief Executive by universal and equal suffrage in 2017. Civic awakening determines the success of the movement. Therefore, dialogue, deliberation, authorization by citizens and civil disobedience are all conducive to the reflection and participation of the whole society. We shall be like preachers communicating enthusiastically with different communities to convey the universal values such as democracy, universal and equal suffrage, justice and righteousness. We hope that in realizing these values in the system and society of Hog Kong they are willing to pay a price.

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A public research trajectory tracing the legacies of Tactical Media and its connections to the present.

Under the working title 'Tactical Media Connections' the editors of the Tactical Media Files, David Garcia and Eric Kluitenberg have begun an extensive public research project that seeks to trace and develop the connections between the phenomenon of Tactical Media as it was identified in the early 1990s, not least through the renowned series of Next 5 Minutes festivals and conferences on Tactical Media ( - organised four times between 1993 and 2003), and current critical practices operating at the intersection of art, media, activism, technological experimentation and political contestation.

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VakuumTV was founded in February 1994 on the initiative of Laszlo Kistamas and currently includes Dora Csernatony, Ferenc Grof, Laszlo Kistamas, and Attila Till. Its members presented weekly broadcasts on Monday nights at the most popular cultural club in Budapest, Tilos az A. Between February 1994 and September 1997 Vakuum TV broadcast 52 shows, and after 3 years of rest, started broadcasting again in 2000. Each show blended short films, interactive engagements between the audience and the announcer, and live performances but each used a very different content to create a parallel televisual reality.

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This video expresses the Mosireen media collective's stance of solidarity with the ongoing protest in and all around Taksim square.
Anything you may need that we can help with, please let us know.
We fight a common enemy.


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Hey all you cultural creatives and heterodox thinkers,

Occupy Wall Street created a fissure in global consciousness . . .
Now it's time to throw a mindbomb into the chasm:

Meme Wars
The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics

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Out now and available for download:
INC Network Notebooks 05 - Legacies of Tactical Media
Tactical Media employ the 'tactics of the weak' to operate on the terrain of strategic power by means of 'any media necessary'. Once the rather exclusive practice of politically engaged artists and activists, the tactical appropriations of media tools and distribution infrastructures by the disenfranchised and the disgruntled have moved from the margins to centre stage.

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A shift in revolutionary tactics.

Alright you 90,000 redeemers, rebels and radicals out there,

A worldwide shift in revolutionary tactics is underway right now that bodes well for the future. The spirit of this fresh tactic, a fusion of Tahrir with the acampadas of Spain, is captured in this quote:

"The antiglobalization movement was the first step on the road. Back then our model was to attack the system like a pack of wolves. There was an alpha male, a wolf who led the pack, and those who followed behind. Now the model has evolved. Today we are one big swarm of people."
- Raimundo Viejo, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain

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Protest Signs, Graffiti, and Street Art - a special issue of Shahadat

This issue takes as its focus the popular literature of the Egyptian Revolution. Drawing on protest signs, graffiti, and street art in Tahrir to read the culture of resistance particular to the Egyptian Revolution, the curators examine how protesters changed the political narrative through the use of images, memorials, and expressions of daily life.  Featuring examples from an extensive gallery of online images culled from the collections of several prominent Egyptian journalists and activists, the online piece is a visual tour of some of the creative production of Egypt's Revolution.  A collaborative curation project split between New York City and Cairo, this is ArteEast's first critical look at the cultural production related to recent political developments in the Middle East.
- Co-curators, Rayya El Zein & Alex Ortiz.

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Interview with Rami Nakhle, a Syrian activist in exile in Beirut, who uses social networks to disseminate news from protests on the streets in Syria across the country.
(April 26, 2011 - '14:54)

TMF editors: This video has achieved a somewhat iconic status for depicting the internet dimension of the protests in Syria. The rising death-toll of the protests in Syria shows, however, that these 'cyber-protests' are not without material consequences on the ground. Neither are the protests primarily media-based, of course. They are first of all staged in the streets. Deeply troubling questions emerge about the dilemma's media-activists face promoting the image of a popular uprising with dramatic consequences (even more so keeping the descent into civil war in Libya in mind). We have linked this video with an excellent and rather controversial interview with Syrian political blogger Camille Otrakji, published by the Qifa Nabki blog.

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Saturday night on August 6th 1988 was stiflingly hot and humid. My apartment had no air conditioning and I was dying from the heat. Fortunately that night I was booked from midnight to 7 a.m. at Broadway Video at Broadway and 49th street to do special effects and editing on my video work entitled "Free Society".

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Drik Gallery, Dahka, March 22- 31, 2010.

The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) was set up on 26th March 2004 to curb corruption in Bangladesh. It consists of members of Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force. RAB has increasingly been criticized for the extra judicial killings and torture that have taken place of people in custody.

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5th April 2010 10:44 EST WikiLeaks has released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad -- including two Reuters news staff.


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