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The Society of the Spectacle  sos.pdf, 379,4 KiB
2002 translation.

Crisis/Media Reader Introduction  Sarai Reader 04 Crisis Media intro.pdf, 106,1 KiB
Sarai Reader 04, february 2004 Delhi / Amsterdam.

Tactical Media, Rita Raley, 2009  Raley-Tactical_Media-Introduction.pdf, 1272,6 KiB
The Introduction of Rita Raley's book "Tactical Media", part of the series Electronic Mediations, University of Minnesota Press, 2009.

Antiscoial Media  AntisocialMedia_IanAlanPaul_2017.pdf, 6,6 MiB
“Antisocial Media” is a remix/cut-up/utopian-plagiarism of Guy Debord’s 1967 “The Society of the Spectacle” that reflects on the role of the network and (anti)social media in political, economic, and everyday life.

Ian Allen Paul, 2017.

Uncommon Grounds Introduction - Anthoney Downey  uncommon-grounds_downey_intro_essay_pdf.pdf, 843,5 KiB
Introduction to Uncommon Grounds and the essay 'For the Common Good? Artistic Practices and Civil Society in Tunisia' by editor Anthony Downey.

Next 5 minutes 4 reader  n5m4_reader.pdf, 1684,1 KiB
The complete reader, including design, of the Next 5 Minutes 4 international festival of tactical media, Amsterdam, September 11 - 14, 2003.

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