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Konrad Becker
Konrad Becker is a pioneer in media art and electronic music. He is known for initiating seminal and controversial net-culture ...
tags:  tactical reality

Jordan Crandall
Jordan Crandall is an artist, theorist, and performer based in Los Angeles.  His video installations, presented in numerous ex...
tags:  arttheorysurveillance

Florian Schneider
Florian Schneider is a filmmaker, writer, and developer in the fields of new media, networking and open source technologies. I...
tags:  migrationno borderdictionary of warborders

Brandon Jourdan
Brandon Jourdan is an award-winning independent filmmaker, journalist, and writer. His film, the July War, is based on the 2006 ...
tags:  activismvideo activism

Paul Virilio
Paul Virilio (b. 1932 in Paris) is a world-renowned philosopher, urbanist, and cultural theorist. His work focuses on urban spa...
tags:  accidentspeed

Gene Ray
Gene Ray is a critic and theorist living in Berlin, is a member of the Radical Culture Research Collective (RCRC).
tags:  arttactical media

Drazen Pantic
Mathematician and open-source developer Drazen Pantic was deeply involved with Serbian Radio B92 in Pozarevac, Yugoslav Presid...

rebellious media conference
About the RMC

Frustrated with the mainstream media's coverage of war, climate change and the economy, or already ...
tags:  diy mediaindependent mediamedia criticism

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