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Ricardo Rosas
Ricardo Rosas is a writer, translator and experimental musician. He was one of the organizers of the Brazilian Tactical Media L...
tags:  tactical mediaBrazil

Konrad Becker
Konrad Becker is a pioneer in media art and electronic music. He is known for initiating seminal and controversial net-culture ...
tags:  tactical reality

David Garcia
David Garcia is an artist, teacher and organizer who...
tags:  arttactical medianext 5 minutestactical televisiontactical education

TMF Editors
The editors of the Tactical Media Files archive and documentation resource is a continuously changing group of individuals. Th...
tags:  tactical media

NYC General Assembly
The NYC General Assembly is composed of dozens of groups working together to organize and set the vision for the #occupywallst...
tags:  street protesttactical camping

Sam de Silva
Sam de Silva is a creative producer and media practitioner. He has a multi-disciplinary background and has an interest in tact...

Dave Oswald Mitchell
Dave Oswald Mitchell is a writer, editor and researcher camped out at the intersection of the economic and ecological crises.
tags:  activisminfo-activism

Gene Ray
Gene Ray is a critic and theorist living in Berlin, is a member of the Radical Culture Research Collective (RCRC).
tags:  arttactical media

Eric Kluitenberg
Eric Kluitenberg is an independent theorist, writer, and organiser on culture, media and technology.  He is the editor-in-chief ...
tags:  arttactical mediamedia theorypublic domainhybrid space

Critical Art Ensemble
A collective of five artists dedicated to exploring the intersections between art, technology, radical politics and critical t...
tags:  arttactical mediatheorybiotechnologybiowarfarecontestational biologyperformance

Big Noise Films
Big Noise Films is a collective of media-makers around the world, dedicated to circulating beautiful, passionate, revolutionary ...
tags:  tactical mediaindependent mediamedia criticismcinema

N5M3 Editors
Editorial Committee of Next 5 Minutes 3:
tags:  tactical media

Carbon Defense League
Carbon Defense League (CDL) is a collective of media artists, technologists, activists and critical theorists working to explore...

Rita Raley
Rita Raley is Associate Professor of English, with courtesy appointments in Film and Media Studies, Comparative Literature, and ...
tags:  tactical mediainfopoliticsinfo-activism

Bernardo Gutiérrez
Bernardo Gutiérrez (@bernardosampa) is a Spanish-Brazilian journalist and writer who researches networked movements, hacker cult...
tags:  public spacepublic domainoccupytactical research

Abdrew Gavin Marshall
Andrew Gavin Marshall is a 26-year old researcher and writer based in Montreal, Canada.
tags:  occupytactical research

Michael Dieter
Michael Dieter is a PhD candidate at University of Melbourne, currently completing a doctoral thesis on the relations between ...
tags:  tactical mediamedia theory

Institute for Applied Autonomy
The Institute for Applied Autonomy (IAA) was founded in 1998 as a technological research and development organiz...
tags:  artcontestational roboticstactical gizmology

Marco Deseriis
Marco Deseriis is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Eugene Lang College of The New School. His recent publications include ?The Gen...
tags:  tactical mediamedia theorymedia criticism

Eva and Franco Mattes internationally known as - is a couple of restless European con-artists who use non...
tags:  arttactical media

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