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Ryan Griffis
Ryan Griffis makes work in the form of visual art, text, curated exhibits, and performance that usually focuses on relationships...

Amy Sara Carroll
Amy Sara Carroll is Assistant Professor of American Culture / Latino / a Studies and English at the University of Michigan, An...
tags:  artmigrationborders

Mark Dery
Mark Dery is a cultural critic. He writes about media, the visual landscape, fringe trends, and unpopular culture.

Barbara Abrash
Barbara Abrash is a teacher, curator and independent producer. She is the director of public programs at the Center for Medi...

Julian Stallabrass
Julian Stallabrass is a lecturer, writer, curator and photographer.

tags:  arttheory

Red Tape
Red Tape is a discussion series initiated by students of the Visual Communication programme at the Royal College of Art.

Ricardo Dominguez
Ricardo Dominguez is a co-founder of The Electronic Disturbance Theater (EDT), a group who developed Virtual-Sit-In technologies...
tags:  activismmigrationborderszapatistatactical technology

Tjebbe van Tijen
Tjebbe vam Tijen is a Dutch artist, theorist and curator.
tags:  artarchivedesignnext 5 minutes

Darko Fritz
Darko Fritz Fritz is artist and independent curator and researcher. He was born in 1966, in Croatia, and currently he lives an...
tags:  tactical mediamigrationmedia criticism

Eric Kluitenberg
Eric Kluitenberg is an independent theorist, writer, and organiser on culture, media and technology.  He is the editor-in-chief ...
tags:  arttactical mediamedia theorypublic domainhybrid space

Jordan Crandall
Jordan Crandall is an artist, theorist, and performer based in Los Angeles.  His video installations, presented in numerous ex...
tags:  arttheorysurveillance

Calin Dan
Artist Born 1955, Arad, Romania Based in Amsterdam and Bucharest MA in Art History & Theory. Initial career as art journalist, ...
tags:  art

Bureau d'Etudes
The Paris-based artists Léonore Bonaccini and Xavier Fourt form the artist-duo Bureau d´études.
tags:  politicscartographyinfopoliticsinfo-activismbiopolitics

Eugene Thacker
Eugene Thacker is a writer, theorist, artist, who teaches at the School of Literature, Communication & Culture at the Geo...
tags:  biotechnologybiowarfare

Micha Cárdenas
Micha Cárdenas is a Lecturer in the Visual Arts Department and Critical Gender Studies Program at University of California San D...
tags:  art

La Ex
Platform for free culture and civil society advocacy organistion for copyleft cultural productionin Barcelona. La-Ex (formerly k...

Ricardo Rosas
Ricardo Rosas is a writer, translator and experimental musician. He was one of the organizers of the Brazilian Tactical Media L...
tags:  tactical mediaBrazil

Robert M Ochshorn
Nomadic artist, programmer, and musician. Split background including passionate forays into media and journalism, electrical and...
tags:  artarchivedesigncritical engineering

Gregg Bordowitz
Gregg Bordowitz is a film and video maker and writer whose works have been shown at the Guggenheim New York, the Whitney Mus...
tags:  artaids activism

Free Culture Forum
The FCForum is an international arena in wich to build and coordinate action around issues related to free/libre culture and ac...
tags:  free culture

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