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Trade Secrets Trolls


    Published on 14 Feb 2016
    Animated video translated from its Spanish version:

    ||| A dangerous new legal doctrine is lurking: The unrestricted Trade Secret protection |||

    Corporate lobbyists are using the context of the “economic crisis” as a justification to ensure that their commercial interests are given priority over the public interest.

    A new doctrine that provides private companies with superpowers such as tools and legal guarantees to protect companies investments far beyond what is reasonable and that corporations can use to hide abusive practices and corruption.

    This legal approach, in which the benefits of "trade" transcend all other social and political criteria, is what lobbyists have attempting to ensure through free trade agreements such as TTIP, CETA and TiSA.

    If on April 12th in the European Parliament the current text of the Trade Secrets Directive is approved, the development of this new legal doctrine would lead to very serious threats for whistleblowers who undercover corporate abuses and corruption.

    We are still in time to stop this. Spread this video, send it to your representatives, MPS, MEPs, and tell them to defend democracy and justice over corporate secrecy.

    Video by:
    With the support of:
    Corporate Europe Observatory
    La Quadrature du Net
    Health Action International
    P2P Foundation
    Initiative für Netzfreiheit
    The Commons Network