Next 5 Minutes 3

Amsterdam & Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 12-14 March, 1999

The third Next 5 Minutes, an Amsterdam based conference on tactical communications culture, featuring do-it-yourself media, dissident art and electronic media activists from around the world, took place on the 12th, 13th and 14th of March 1999.

N5M3 archived festival website

From its beginning in 1993, the Next 5 Minutes 1, 2 and now 3 has followed the growth of tactical media. The term 'tactical media' refers to a critical usage and theorisation of media practices that draw on all forms of old and new media for achieving a variety of specific non- commercial goals and pushing a plethora of potentially subversive political issues.

Moving beyond the mere assertion of the net as a relatively new medium, the N5M3 will be debating the wider social, cultural and political implications of an ever growing impulse to digitalise information. Plus the conference will be looking at the recent political and economic constellations evolving from currently emerging information and communication structures. While analysing these more homogenising forces of convergence, there will be an emphasises on the necessity of employing and deploying a variety of tactical and independent media.

These issues are addressed on two levels: a structural examination of empowering strategies in new informational environments with an emphasis on the notion of 'tactical networks' and 'electronic borders'. The latter refers to the disturbing fact that in information societies, social, political and cultural divisions are increasingly drawn along the lines of accessibility to electronic media. In discussing this, we will also be looking beyond the West, highlighting the significance of different media in diverse political and economic climates.

N5M3 was a working conference comprised of a focused public program plus a variety of smaller-scale seminars and workshops. Essential to the conference was the exchange of ideas, experience, working methods, and the construction of long-term partnerships and network structures.

Core themes of Next 5 Minutes 3:

- The Art of Campaigning
- Post Governmental Organisation
- The Technical and the Tactical
- Tactical Education

Additional themes included:

- Cyber Feminism & Media Strategies
- Inter East Forum - South Asia Forum
- Streaming Media
- Amsterdam Media Debate
- Interfund Launch Meeting
- European Affairs - Do It Yourself Space
- Screenings - Insular Technologies


Archived festival website:

Next 5 Minutes 3 Workbook (pdf document 30 MB):