World-Information Serbia

World-Information.Org is an trans-national cultural intelligence provider, a collaborative effort of artists, scientists and technicians. It is a practical example for a technical and contextual environment for cultural production and an independent platform of critical media intelligence.

World-Information Exhibition
The World-Information Exhibition outlines the emergence and influence of worldwide communication and information networks on various aspects of society and everyday life. Through exhibits and visual diagrams, interactive installations and digital artworks it describes the multifaceted interrelations between technology and society, politics, culture, art and economy.

World-Information Forum
Held in connection with the World-Information Exhibition on 20 April, 2003, in Belgrade the World-Information Forum called ?Total DisInformation Awareness: Conflict, Control and Freedom of Information? gets together a number of notable speakers of various disciplines to discuss communication technologies and their role in the psychological positioning of ideas.
World-Information Lounge
Complementing the exhibition and the conference is the World-Information Lounge; a temporary space, where presentations and lectures from artists, activists, professionals and scientist as well as discussions will take place.

More info: http://world-information.org/wio/program/serbia