Tahrir Cinema

An open-source, revolutionary screen on Tahrir Square

So the Egyptian Revolution is up and running again. Tahrir Square has been occupied since July 8th, with more people arriving and setting up tents every day.

Having filmed constantly through the first section of the Revolution (after I arrived from America on the 30th), I wanted to do something different. When action and unpleasantness erupts, that's when I want my camera. When things are calm, I find I don't reach for it naturally.

So we set up Tahrir Cinema. A screen to show people films to do with the Revolution. Finished films, raw footage, experimental documentaries - anything to help remind people why they're here and what we can achieve when we work together. Reliving those moments from January 28th when they dismantled the hated Central Security Forces tells you that it can be done again. The cheers that go up every time Omar Soleiman announces the President has stepped down frees you for a brilliant moment from the day's dust and heat.

The curation is open-source. We ask people for any footage they have, any films they have made, any suggestions they'd like to see up there - we are a screen to serve of the Square.

Already five people have given me CDs and videos files in the last two days. From today we have a tent permanently in the square for people to give us material. As well as screening material, we will add it to the Revolutionary Archive being built at Mosireen - a new citizen journalists' collective, who are central to everything the cinema is doing.

So if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see in Tahrir, add them to this Google Document. And if you have any footage from the Revolution that needs adding to the archive, send me a message. This is just the first step on the long road towards re-shaping the way we make and watch films, so come and get involved.

Posted by Omar Robert Hamilton,
Thursday, July 14, 2011  at 11:44 AM


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