next 5 minutes international festival of tactical media, September 11-14 2003, Amsterdam

MZM Televized Revolution Patrol

Will the revolution be televized? To zapp or not to zapp.. Confront the consumers, hire the MZM-TRP!

An information art video installation by MauzZeroMedia in De Balie foyer:<b><font face="Courier New,Courier"><font size="+2"></font></font></b><br /><b><br />MZM TRP Scanner #005- 'Tele Vision Docs'</b><br />

<b>SMS-to-web guestbook<br /></b> Send a text and your name to be published on : <br /><br /><b>+31 (0)6 25 025 025</b> (0,25 duro)<br /><p> <b>mzm</b> [space]<b> your message</b><br /></p><p><br /></p><p><i>Supported by De Balie Media, InfoWarRoom, De Hoeksteen Communications, Art And Telecommunication Foundation K.E.T.S. and ReOpen911. <br /></i></p><p><i>Very special thanx to Unriel Media and StudioNulAmsterdam for their support.<br /></i></p><p>Vernissage was saturday <b>3</b> december 2005 from <b>18:00 &gt;<br /><br /></b></p><p><b>Photo impressions of the video tower in De Balie:<br /></b>(Click the pictures to enlarge)<b><br /></b></p>

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