Xnet – Internet Freedoms

Xnet is an activist project working in fields related to digital rights and democracy: freedom of expression; net neutrality; privacy; the free circulation of culture, knowledge and information; mechanisms for transparency, participation and citizen control of power and institutions; the defense of citizen journalism for the right to know, inform and be informed; the technical, communications and legal fight against corruption; and the technopolitics understood as the practice of networking and taking action for citizen empowerment, justice and social transformation.

Originally, this project was born in 2008 in Barcelona under the name EXGAE, focusing on free culture and the defense of citizens against abuses from copyright monopolies; work which continues to this day, getting actively involved in analyzing and struggling against secret free trade negotiations, and defending the use of the Internet as a tool to improve the quality of democracy and against civil rights cutbacks from the powers that be and the enemy governments of the Internet in a post Snowden’s revelations world.