yBa (cook's voyage)

    yBa (cook's voyage) seeks to establish a culturally specific voice in relation to the yBa 'phenomenon', that of the antipodes, periphery, as opposed to the cultural 'centre' of London. Through a repetitive, gestural performance the artist sings a dissonant song of the letters 'Y...B...A...' and dances for the camera, oblivious of passers by. The work which was completed on Australia Day 2002 in Hyde Park, Sydney, where festivities to celebrate the anniversary of Captain Cook's landing in Botany Bay were taking place, seeks to comment on current trends/attitudes in global curatorial practice in relation to art production outside 'centre's' such as London. yBa (cook's voyage) seeks to destabilise the maintenance of a global cultural hierarchy/canon in relation to such phenomena as the yBa's through critiquing its effect on production and attitudes outside the established 'centre's'. 2002. Australia. 16'. Nathan Dunne: Concept and Performance ,Damien Arkins: Video and Art Direction

    May 15, 2009