The video performance includes two women busts in front of the camera; one is presented from en-face and is blind folded while another one is presented from a profile. The one is questioning and checking the blindfolded one her knowledge of English language. The idea of this video is based on the fact that on one hand, in the process of globalization, the English language is becoming the universal language for communication. On the other hand, foreign speaking peoples are transforming it. Another aspect of the performance is to emphasize, by this language "game", the power of a native speaker over the questioned person. My interest was also to expose the blindfolded one that is questioned, to just phonetic information that lacks the body language, which plays an important role in communication. Another notion of this tape is to point out the intention topic that is the cardinal element of communication, meaning that we understand each other beyond the language borders only, if we are willing to communicate. The video is also about the relationship between investigator-executioner and the prosecuted, powerless victim. This level of narration refers to the totalitarian practices in many parts of the world in the context of the humanity's global struggle for personal dignity and integrity. 1999. Norway. 58'. Performers; Pamela Hawkins, Duba Sambolec

    May 15, 2009