Art is not 'Bioterrorism'

    Stop the War on Free Knowledge! A live benefit concert and performance event with Snowcrash (.nl), The Yesmen and Critical Art Ensemble in support of artist Steven Kurtz and scientist Robert Ferrell, both threatened by an unjustifiable prosecution for "bioterrorism". Presented in collaboration with: Transmediale Festival, Berlin & The Arts Catalyst, London In the presence of Steve Kurtz and Critical Art Ensemble collaborator Claire Pentecost, De Balie will stage an extensive benefit concert and performance event on Wednesday February 9th in collaboration with SNOWCRASH - "The Biggest Live Internet Dance Act on Earth". With live connections to: The Yesmen Streamminister Berlijn Absurde Video Team Straatsburg Radio Jeleni Praag Performers: Illegal Sound (General D & Longman) Jitka Charvatova (Skyline)

    May 27, 2009