Gulf Crisis TV Project: War, Oil & Power

    Part 1 of the 10-Part "Gulf Crisis TV Project" Series. "War, Oil and Power" investigates the military and energy industries and explores the interlocking interests between the two. Features Alexandra Allen (Greenpeace), Joe Stork (Middle East and North Africa Division of Human Rights Watch), Abbas Al-Nasravi (emeritus professor of economics at the University of Vermont), Dessima Williams (former Ambassador to Grenada), Catherine Tompa (Daughters of Mother Jones) and economist Jon Naar.

    Gulf Crisis TV Project, Deep Dish T.V. Network, 1990
    Producers: Simin Farkhondeh, Marty Lucas, Cathy Scott, DeeDee Halleck
    Series: The Gulf Crisis TV Project
    Subjects: Political Science, Middle East Studies, Media Studies, Globalization Studies, Peace Studies, Post-Colonialism, Iraq, Community Media, International Relations

    August 15, 2009