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Migrants / Media / Metropolis - Part 2

New labour struggles in the global city. Migration and media-activists gather with theorists and labour organizers to discuss and share best practices in the fight against precarity and insecure labour conditions.

Panel 2: Syndicalism 2.0
-Dutch Cleaners Campaign (Herrie Hoogenboom,organizer FNV Bongenoten) -Migrant labour struggles in South Spain (Nico Scuglia, Indymedia Estrecho) -Filipino Migrant Domestic Workers Union (Fe Jusay - CFMW) -German Retail Strike (Franziska Bruder, Verdi)

Panel 3: No Longer Invisible: Labour & Media
-Zoe Romano (Chainworkers Milano), interventions of a bio syndicate -Merijn Oudenampsen (Betere Toekomst), Mediawork in Dutch Cleaners Campaign -Soeren Kohler (Multitude e.V) : Media-activism and worker participation at German Retail strike
-Dagmar Diesner (NoBorders London), Screening Underground Londoners.
[documented in next video]

August 16, 2009