Syria's cyber revolution

Interview with Rami Nakhle, a Syrian activist in exile in Beirut, who uses social networks to disseminate news from protests on the streets in Syria across the country.
(April 26, 2011 - '14:54)

TMF editors: This video has achieved a somewhat iconic status for depicting the internet dimension of the protests in Syria. The rising death-toll of the protests in Syria shows, however, that these 'cyber-protests' are not without material consequences on the ground. Neither are the protests primarily media-based, of course. They are first of all staged in the streets. Deeply troubling questions emerge about the dilemma's media-activists face promoting the image of a popular uprising with dramatic consequences (even more so keeping the descent into civil war in Libya in mind). We have linked this video with an excellent and rather controversial interview with Syrian political blogger Camille Otrakji, published by the Qifa Nabki blog.

May 11, 2011