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'Nobody expected the #Spanishrevolution'
Take The Square was born from the demonstration on May 15, 2011 in Madrid. The demonstration called from the association Democracia Real Ya (Real Democracy Now), was the prelude of a new movement that was about to emerge. Once the demonstration was finished, some of those attending decided spontaneously and independently of the organizers, that a demonstration was not enough, so they decided to camp in the main square of Madrid (Puerta del Sol), thus starting a new project in the history of mankind.

The #15M
The idea of camping in the square 1) as a way of demonstrating against a dominant and oppressive system, lead by a political class working for banks and big corporations and 2) as a way to promote new initiatives of political, social, economical, artistic and cultural organization, generated the concept of ?Take the Square?, original and essential sign of the #15M movement. That concept was created in the camp of Madrid (AcampadaSol) and then exported to the rest of the cities of Spain and the world.

You can read a summary about the #15M in the following link:

October 22, 2011