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d&C Amsterdam
15 Sep 03 14:27 - 14:27
Do you want to live in a house, protected by this sign?
Action of the Russian Art-Group "Archeopterix", in t(..) >>
d&C Amsterdam
7 Okt 03 21:54 - 21:54
Book Cover
Debates & Credit..

As part of the final phase of Debates & Credits a book (..) >>
d&C Amsterdam
15 Okt 03 01:12 - 01:12

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Arno Coenen being interviewed at the opening of the poster cycle at Ekaterinburg University.
Demolition Man G..

Amsterdam based artist Arno Coenen mounts his update of heroic i(..) >>
An interactive street sound device by Leonard van Munster
The mischievous ..
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Logo's of the internet forum on legality and illegality

Report from the Internet Forum on definitions of legality and il(..) >>

BeamMobile in Mo..

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PARK 4D TV in Ek..

During D&C PARK 4D TV from Amsterdam is present on local televis(..) >>

Remember Tomorro..

MACHINE leave their messages in the city spaces of Moscow and Ek(..) >>
You look great!!
Look at what the..

Leonard van Munster puts words made out of mirrors on the walls (..) >>

"Falls & Rises"..
Video Installati..
Artists from Nizhniy Novgorod Galina Myznikova & Serguey Provoro(..) >>

Oleg Kyreev
We can now confirm the rumour that a fake Russian police officer(..) >>

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Logo design by Leonard van Munster
General Introduc..
Debates & Credit..
"Debates & Credits" is an attempt to find possibilities for ar(..) >>
The modernist highrise; machines for living...
Minima Sententia
by Tatiana Goryucheva "They are perfectly aware about the(..) >>

Virtualité, adi..
What happens whe..
by Eric Kluitenberg Donna Haraway already pointed it out, h(..) >>
Greetings from the Black Hand Corporation
by Max Bruinsma
There are two ways to understand the term ‘users’ - this c(..) >>
Garbage collection in the dark...
Media Darkness
Reflections on P..
by Oliver Marchart There is an unshakable belief in the i(..) >>
Lenin sculpture at the main entrance to the former ECNEA
Life and Death o..
by Viktor Voronk..
My article deals with the phenomenon of the public sphere in t(..) >>
Close-up of the image...
Art, Space and t..
Some basic obser..
"Social space is produced and structured by conflicts. With th(..) >>

Artists particip..
(in alfabetical ..
Access, signification, disgust, and appropriation of the public monument are the traditional forms in which the political struggles over collective memory and history are carried out.
Constructing the..
A venture into h..
by Eric Kluitenberg, Amsterdam, March 2003 Democracy can (..) >>

Public Urban Vis..
by Tania Goryuch..
"Debates&Credits" explored ways for a direct intervention into(..) >>