((( i ))) " the whole organism is more than watching "

Trouble is in bloom ! Across the globe there's the irrepressible sensation that the indy media makers will spread faster than the Clear Channel acne-brand of entertainment pustules and prozac-like programming, synergize far more dramaticly than the Republican grey goo version of capitalism ...

and Yo ! far more sisterly than systematic. And we are clearly beginning to overshadow the excessively dark matter of Empire in its relevance to the future.

Every bumble headed convergence of political + economic
miscreants from FTAA, WEF to WTO now produces a furious eruption of authentic + frenzied interactivity between a flowering, unintimidated youth and the richest veins of the wise and unrelenting progressive movements. And all this energy and articulation is crystallized, stored, remixed and proliferated thru sophisticated global-to-local bulbs of communication; each time introducing untold numbers into hard facts re:the global crises and revealing the absolute impotence of the standard embedded ?news? peddlers. If the bountiful gardens of real people perspective have not yet taken root in your area, it?s high time to take a clipping from the virtual commons and begin a whole new animated branch @ yourcity.INDYMEDIA !

Yet we are far from unthreatened green havens and freezones in both headspace and netspace, and further still where the billions of physical bodies rely on the earth?s finite resources. The real world, as you might have gathered from even a few touristic visits to any handful of the hundreds of indymedia sites, is under siege... by not just THEM, but ALL OF US.

As this is being written our very own brave new bridge-and-tunnel nomads return from perhaps the Spectacle?s favorite alternative community party - Burning Man. And they have just returned from perhaps the largest autonomous SUV and RV parking lot in world history. The medium is the message: Even some of those who claim to invest in another world are themselves a theme park of the outside. But can we afford to factionalize the wide and wild varieties of passionate and celebratory radicals ?

Would we not be better to invite them into the whole dialoguing organism to engage the hardcore subtleties and tactics of ?effective means for the expression, realization, manifestation of desire... on the level of everyday life? (Hakim Bey) ?!

Indymedia can be so much more than globs of philosophical debates and reactionary forums it must become a mirror organism where better ideas are continuously sown and critical analysis is a means to photo genesis.

From our bed, these times so ripe for change would smell sweeter than all the jasmine vines of the Bay Area's notoriously activated Mission District - a neighborhood at the epicenter of the post-boom San Francisco peninsula where cultural diversity still abounds with ?relatively little tension?

... except the Palestinian corner store owners who have had their mural repeatedly defaced and consequently boarded up indefinitely, the remaining Persians who are now bravely resisting the Homeland parameters of an invisible existence, the young Mexican laborers who are occasionally lined up against a wall and questioned for their ID, and any number of other minorities, have all been holding their noses for extraordinary lengths and wondering WHEN might the raw stench of piled-high injustices right here in the Land of Freedom Fries pass.

Yes, even here in the remnant sanctuary city of the left coast, aterrible impatience thrives !

Still fresh in the minds of our awakening communities, the March 20th mobilizations against war saw an ever-so-brief but effective collaboration between the people in the streets, the (SF)Indymedia(s), Whispered Media, the Video Activist Network, and Enemy Combatant Radio which is juicily documented in the film, ?We Interrupt This Empire ... ?. And so many other participating orgs, neither this article nor the film can begin to give all justice due, but provide portals for linking and educating.

One might view this event as another unavoidable eruption on the clock and calendar of the Spectacle, but since such news through the peoples? lens will ultimately catalyze all sorts of new and exciting interactions, we can categorize this, in its truly biological form, a photogenic seizure of the moment in a continuous flow of actions and intent: to feed the fastest growing flower for change.

(((i))) Trouble is in bloom ! And the whole organism is more than watching !