Tactical Media Room

Duration: 19 Apr 2022 - 30 Dec 2022

The Tactical Media Room (TMR) is an initiative of Waag Futurelab and Institute for Network Cultures (HvA), founded in late February 2022 after the Russian invasion in Ukraine. In collaboration with hackers, artists, designers and researchers in The Netherlands, TMR aims to support independent tactical media, journalists, newsrooms and civic initiatives from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

As a temporary Amsterdam-based platform, TMR brings together different forms of expertise in the fields of journalism, media activism, arts, and research. A group of currently fourty members addresses topics and activities that vary from Russian disinformation, censorship and propaganda research to mapping platform geopolitics, support regarding hardware and online services by ISP’s and hosting providers, tech knowledge exchanges (from satellite phones to cyber security), and practical aid support.
What explains the choice to unite Ukrainian journalists, media activists, artists, and scholars with Belorussian and Russian colleagues?

Tactical Media Room aims to unite critical thinkers and cultural workers across Europe. The driving force behind TMR is the aim to offer support regarding tactical media firstly, but not exclusively, to Ukrainians at risk. We do so in the awareness that the war is, first and foremost, placing vast amounts of Ukrainian journalists, media activists, artists, and scholars at acute risk in one way or another. Belorussian and Russian critical thinkers, however, are also at risk and in need of support. Ukrainian people who face or flee the war, face different problems and needs than Belorussian and Russian critical thinkers who face political persecution because they express dissent against the authorities. TMR aims to support both of these groups.  

Do you want to get in contact with TMR? Send an email to Gijs Boerwinkel through gijs[at]waag[dot]org.

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