Take the Square!

Because global problems need global protests and global solutions...

Take the Square!

* We blame economic and political forces for the dire situation in which we find ourselves and demand a change of direction.

* We want to build a real democracy in which our voices would be finally heard.

* We encourage you to take to the streets in protest, no matter what political views you have, and join us with the people in your area to be heard as a single voice.

* You can help! Register your camp, organize one, or spread the word!

Call to Camp!

Close your eyes, hold each others hands and shout... shout louder... and take over the square...

* Number Matters: reached "enough" number, police can just massacre or look at us helplessly.

* The Square: enough people in the common space, and no street will be wide enough to kick us out.

* Organization: assemblies, committees by topic, everyone with voice... at last

* Diversity: it's a protest of youth, but not only... and no need of flags, of previous experience, of dogmas. We are together to express our dissent, to shout together that we can change how things are.

* Solidarity: thousands inside the square, but far more outside that breath relieved seeing us. Daily donations of food, infrastructure and expressions of support...

* Communication: emails, twitter, mobiles, social networks, word-to-mouth... we can despise tv: the word is ours.

* Aims: we shouted out loud... and shocked ourselves by the strength of the shout. Now, strong, we can discuss and agree together the next steps, demands and changes needed. And shout them loud enough!

Tips & Strategies:

* Find a local protest close to you
          - Join them!
          - Check if they are in our list of camps... otherwise, register the camp!

* If there isn't any protest close by, organize it!
          - Organize a camp with your contacts in the main square of your city. Remember, all camps started with a very small group (first night in Madrid).
          - Register your camp in this page, so others can find it and join you
          - Check out the resources to help you set it up

* Once you are settled in your camp
          - Make sure to spread the news using social networks, and ask others to join
          - Build a webpage/blog to keep the world updated
          - Remember to use a free Creative Commons, Public Domain or anti-copyright notice for your online contents! That way we'll all be able to use them freely and expand our message.
          - You can organize the work in topic-focused workgroups such as Cleaning, Infrastructure, Spread, Respect (relations with neighbors). Still, you might prefer all decisions to be taken only by the general assembly.
          - Evicted? Don't panic!
            - For example, both Madrid and Barcelona were evicted by police forces
            - In all cases, the news of the eviction spreaded fast in internet, and many more supporters came to the rescue

Captured: June 2, 2011.


Take the Square Twitter Feed:!/takethesquare