M2M migrant to migrant

Every Migrant is a Medium

Look with us

M2M means from Migrant to Migrant.
M2M is a meeting point for migrants.
Like a camp fire.
Every migrant has a story, a message.

Every migrant is a messenger between there and here
and here and there..
Every migrant is a medium.

M2M invites you to move and be moved.
To imagine you are somewhere else.
To realize that you can be someone else.
To accept the fact that identity is an illusion.
That metamorphosis, the permanent migration of identities,
is the way of life in the age of vanishing substance.

All humans are migrants , whether they like it or not.
And all migrants are humans, whether you like it or not.
And we are not banana?s.
You don't make business with humans.
You don't mix trade with treatment.
You don't put migrants in jail, just because they don't fit in your system.

Migration is the medium of the future.