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Table of Content

Conceptual Background
Final Program

[Individual Contributions]

Lev Manovich - Macromedia and Micro-media
Micz Flor - ©ross©odec©ompatability
Veran Matic - Civil Networking in a Hostile Environment
Dimitri Devyatkin - Streaming for whom: advertisers or people?
Martin Conrads - 2000 Years of Convex TV
Honor Harger/Adam Hyde - Pitch Shifting
Drazen Pantic - Open Source Streaming Alliance - Now!
Ulrich Gutmaier - The Net is not the Club
Arun Mehta - and Broadcasting Policy in India
Pit Schultz - Notes Towards a Free Net Radio Network
Matthew Arnison - Crazy Ideas about Webcasting
Ralf Homann - Digitale Schnitte (German)
Calin Dan - Streaming Media and its Mass
Bruce Gicard - Converging for Development and Democracy
Tetsuo Kogawa - Two or Three Things. I Know About Streaming Media
Manu Luksch - Virtual Borders or Digital Devide?
Drew Hemmet - Bring the Noise


Tatiana Gorucheva - The Riga InterCultural Jamming Festival
Sam de Silva - Report on s11-Indymedia, Melbourne
Zina Kaye - Sydney Netfest Content Conference Report

[Related Material]

Gerry McGovern - 13 Things to Know About Broadband
Excerpt from the Indymedia Center Handbook
Jason Thompson - Anxiously Awaiting the Next Renaissance
Thomas Edwards - Video Content Providers: Myths and Misunderstandings
Tania Heshman - Sharing the Streaming Burden
The Future of Music Manifesto
Fred Vogelstein and Surekha Vajjhala - Who says the PC is dead?
Ellie Kieskowski - Folds Before Launching
Adam Curry - Formats - What Napster Really Means
Henry Jenkins - Digital Land Grab
Nettime's Terror in Tune Town Thread, July-August 2000

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