Candida TV

Candida TV was born from the melting of different realities: underground cinema, video production, rave parties, street theaters, independent radios, underground bulletin board systems on the net and counterculture pop-magazines in the last seven years in Rome.

Candida is a core of 12 people, fusing the experiences of self-managed squatted community centers and technical knowledge in the field of cinema and video production. The O.F.F (Overground Fiction Festival) that took place in Forte Prenestino for three consecutive years was a catalyst in the formation of the group. We abandoned the idea of documentation of reality, and unleashed an imaginative creation of possible counter-hallucinations in mass-consensual reality. We improved our experiences by organizing a festival for all the people who were working in this direction in Italy.

In the summer 1999 we decided that we had the right experiences to imagine the construction of a new television channel which could enter everyone's house and destroy the simulation mainstream. We spent a week in an uncontaminated island in the Mediterranean sea and we came back ready for a new gamble. We were on air for nine weeks from December 1999 to Febraury 2000 with a one-hour show each week on a local TV in Rome. Now we are are working on the suburban areas of the city to give people the chance to learn and use video and computer technologies, and we are looking for other channels to be broadcasted.

We are an endless collective stream of consciousness, producing everything we imagine.

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