Indymedia Newsreal - July 2003

    Part of an inter-continental activist video news experiment, Indymedia Newsreal presents 5 minute news segments from across North America. In July: It's an occupation not a liberation, by Dawn Zuppelli, documenting the street takover (CD action) in Rochester when the war against Iraq began; Tax Day Protest, by Tony Shawcross/, documenting America's resisting use of tax dollars for war; War on the Workers, a music video performed by Anne Feeney (who originally wrote the rather famous song "Have you been to jail for justice?"); Can't survive on 6.75 by George Elfie Ballis/SunMt about home care workers organizing to raise their wages; and Goodnight, Liberation by Oriana Bolden, a personal struggle for health care in the U.S. 2003. USA. 30'. Program Organizer, Jim Carter

    May 15, 2009