Universe Energies Sustain Us

    A video poem exploring the processes and problems of seeing, the economics of sound and light, the regulation and translation of data by the body and technology, the relationships of transparency and difference and the impact of globalisation on aesthetics and culture. The video combines several abstract animations and performance-to-camera works that exist in their own right. As an address to and reflection on the problems of artists' film and video distribution, and the misrepresentation and misreading of images, the material was originally exhibited in a spoonful of water and distributed/processed via a multichannel video installation. Some footage of the installation is included in this video. Also included is a stuffed owl, which formed part of an installation by another artist, presented in an adjacent space. This single channel edition is an artifact of the process; the process being the cycles and order of nature, the distribution of energy, data flow; appropriation, corruption, cultural overlay and transformation. It is intended for distribution in cinemas and through web streaming. (note: There is no opening title. The first half of the video is silent. Also, the unrendered sections are part of the work.) 2002. UK. 13'. Producer/ Director: Riccardo Iacono

    May 15, 2009