Shahidul Alam: 5th August 5th Aniversary

“Shahidul Alam 1st Time Magazine Person Of The Year 2018. National Geographic Explorer at Large. Photographer, writer, curator, human rights activist.

It was exactly five years ago today that I had been abducted from my home. I was blindfolded, handcuffed, taken away and tortured. I spent 107 days in incarceration. I am out on bail, but despite the fact that the law on which I was charged has been repealed and the trial has not yet begun, five years on, I still need to appear in court every month. If convicted, I face fourteen years in jail. Yet we resist. #democracy #freedomofspeech #bangladesh #politics Please download this movie and share it before it gets taken down.”

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Pen International in support of Shahidul Alam
[Published 22 September 2018]

August 25, 2023