make world festival 1


"make world" is a unix command used to completely update an operating system. It's designed to follow the latest developments once local sources are synchronized. Typing "make world" in the command line initiates a rebuilding and renewal of the whole system while it's running.  

What's new? Even in times when everyone is shocked by the news, something new refers not to the unknown or the never seen before, but to the omnipresence of permanent change. What was beyond imagination only recently may, in the next moment, come as no surprise.  

The first make world festival will take place, in Munich, from October 18th to the 21st. Against the backdrop of one of the fastest growing High Tech and New Media clusters in the world, scientists, theorists, artists and activists are invited to participate in presentations, constructive conversations, reflection and debates.
It's the first of it's kind. A project dealing with subjects such as migration, immaterial labor, tactical media and art in networking environments. It's an opportunity to link different approaches while keeping and challenging their diversity, contextuality and self reference.  

Under the title BORDER="Ø" LOCATION="YES" the event aims to track new forms of subjectivity carried out by current modifications of the world that, until recently, were characterized as "infotization", "digitization" and "globalization". The more these buzzwords lose their glamour, the more important it becomes to discuss the role borders play, and question what restricted and unrestricted locality, mobility and freedom of movement may mean.  

Global processes are running out of time and space. Facing the end of the end, everything - what might happen or has to be done - starts from scratch. And this new beginning embraces much more than ever before. It's time to scroll: to look ahead and behind, to step to the side, to think ahead.  

Make world means sharing experiences, mirroring skills, and exchanging knowledge. Leaving commonplace and trivial definitions behind, expertism turns into ubiquitous networking, liberating infinite potentials and virtualities. It draws a new horizon, where everyone is an expert.

18-21 october 2001l
munich germany