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21 Nov 2002
TranzIndex Festival Our task was to re-iterate and expand on the ways in which small scale "do it yourself" (DIY) media can contribute to the creati(..)>>
21 Nov 2002
Hybrid-Radio Workshop From Sept 30 to Oct 3, I worked at the Tranzit House with students from the local technical university and Joanne Richardson to (..)>>
24 Oct 2002
BoderPanic Competition In association with everyone's favourite postcards, Avant Card, BORDERPANIC ran a competition for a powerful arwork in postcard (..)>>
13 Sep 2002
BORDERPANIC UPDATE The BORDERPANIC event has increased in size quite a lot, which indicates the remarkable amount of energy that people want to ded(..)>>
7 Sep 2002
BORDERPANIC BORDERPANIC is an exhibition/ symposium/ tactical media lab, co-production of the Performance Space, Sydney, the Museum of Cont(..)>>
17 Apr 2003
Tactical Television in Italy An instant-report from Italy, where a wave of tactical televisions is rising connected to no-war mobs and new global movement. A(..)>>
6 Apr 2003
Independent Media Middle East N5M Amsterdam are considering an extensive exploration of the possibilities for the development of independent media in the midd(..)>>
18 Feb 2003
Tactical Media Lab-- Singapore, January 1-16, 2003 MatriXial Technologies is a collaboration between students, faculty, artists, scientists, researchers, and cyberfeminists from t(..)>>
13 Nov 2002
BAkSCII The BAkSCII is a wireless internet cafe, ready for instant deployment whereever and whenever the need arises. >>
5 Nov 2002
"legal/illegal", October 14-20 Report from the Internet Forum on definitions of legality and illegality organised by Oleg Kyreev and the Ghetto crew in Moscow,(..)>>
23 Sep 2002
Oleg Kyreev We can now confirm the rumour that a fake Russian police officer has been checking people's IDs on the streets of Amsterdam. In (..)>>
22 Sep 2002
Live stream The Open Media Studio provides a free space for personal expression and communication, using the internet as the connecting medi(..)>>
21 Sep 2002
A Social Research in the Bijlmer The art group Archaeopteryx from Izhevsk will conduct a social research in the streets of the Amsterdam South East district ("De(..)>>
21 Sep 2002
BeamMobile Amsterdam MACHINE appeared last night at various places in the city of Amsterdam to project modular text-slogans, animated, flashing, mo(..)>>
21 Sep 2002
NINE In the last year Graham Harwood worked as artist in residence of Waag Society at NINE, a storytelling tool. >>
20 Sep 2002
Schengen Info System A database of law enforcement databases. >>
19 Sep 2002
Virtual Shelter the 'Virtual Shelter' online environment for refugees.>>
19 Sep 2002
Bijlmerfilmpjes Nomadische broedplaats kunstenaars in de Bijlmer>>
19 Sep 2002
Bijlmer Films Nomadic 'breeding space' for artists in the Bijlmer >>
18 Sep 2002
GenderChangers Hands on training for women>>
18 Sep 2002
Ambient TV @ Tactical Media Lab Ambient TV is an arts and media collective from London. >>
18 Sep 2002
Expertbase Expertbase is a site for people, who are not found in any commercial or official databases.>>
17 Sep 2002
Genderchangers Genderchangers is a group of women who teach hands-on computer skills to other women. They are working in the TML with ASCII.>>
16 Sep 2002
Slikari Putuju This autumn, visual artists Ren? Klarenbeek (NL) and Dagmar Drews (D) are driving from The Hague to Belgrade, making public bill(..)>>
16 Sep 2002
Net.Radio RAZO Today's webstreaming workshop puts Radio Zuidoost on the net.>>
16 Sep 2002
"DEMOLITION MAN" Installation Arno Coenen will install a spectacular digital collage print installation at the Metro and Railway station Bijlmer in Amsterda(..)>>
16 Sep 2002
Virtual Shelter Een groep vluchtelingen zal aan een langtermijn project werken met Imagine IC, Stichting Paradox en het Amsterdamse Tactische Me(..)>>
15 Sep 2002
Street Cinema >>
14 Sep 2002
Virtual Shelters Update After a shaky start the "virtual shelters" project of an on-line environment by and for refugees" and "asylum seekers" is now (..)>>
13 Sep 2002
Straatbioscoop in Amsterdam Zuid Oost De straatbioscoop strijkt neer in Amsterdam Zuid Oost met een programma over migratie. In een tijd waarin het beleid jegens (..)>>
13 Sep 2002
n5m Opening @ Imagine IC September 12 18.00-20.00>>
13 Sep 2002
Virtual Shelter Een groep vluchtelingen zal aan een langtermijn project werken met Imagine IC, Stichting Paradox en het Amsterdamse Tactische Me(..)>>
12 Sep 2002
Opening Presentatie @ Imagine IC 12 September 18.00-20.00 u>>
10 Dec 2002
Tactical Media Lab @ Sarai On November 14 - 16, 2002, Sarai hosted the South Asian Tactical Media Lab (TML), one of a chain of such events, that are taking(..)>>
4 Dec 2002
Tactical Media Lab @ Sarai On November 14 -16, 2002, Sarai hosted the South Asian Tactical Media Lab (TML), one of a chain of such events, that are taking (..)>>
14 Nov 2002
Tactical Media Lab @Sarai Subject: [Sarai Newsletter]November 2002 Sender: newsletter-admin@sarai.net Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 09:53:21 GMT>>
21 Nov 2002
4 ENCUENTROS SOBRE CULTURE JAMMING, HACKTIVISMO, CULTURA DE LA VIGILANCIA, CONSTRUCCION DEL PRESENTE In the first session (October 4th-5th) Surveillance Camera Players and Ubermorgen presented their works. About 150 persons atten(..)>>
11 Dec 2002
THE CHURCH OF STOP SHOPPING ON NATIONAL TV AND RADIO dhalleck wrote: Dear Conferees: This weekend in addition to attending the seminar, I will be shooting a project with Reverend Bi(..)>>
7 Jul 2002
"Halifax Begs Your Pardon!" This TML led to the formation of the Tactical Art Coalition, made up of a savvy set of interventionist artists from both the col(..)>>
3 Jun 2003
N5M 4 TML Dubrovnik report After a short period of recuperation from organising the Dubrovnik event we are sending you a report on the activities and some(..)>>
25 Nov 2002
Tactical Media Lab By Access to Recycled Technology >>
26 Apr 2003
Back to Basics : A Report from the TML Brazil by Ricardo Rosas >>
10 Aug 2003
A Tactical Media Lab at ZIFF: Greetings from Tanzania -- I just wanted to share the preliminary report from the Zanzibar Tactical Media Lab -- additional in(..)>>