next 5 minutes international festival of tactical media, September 11-14 2003, Amsterdam


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- Schedule
- Deep Local
- The Reappearing Public
- The Tactics of Appropriation
- The Tactical and the Technical
- Urban Interventions
- Artist Installations
- Film Screenings
- Workshops
- Performance Programmes
- Media Production
- Media Library
- Tactical Autonomous Zone
- Post-Festival (& campsite)


Next 5 Minutes 4 will host an extensive series of workshops that will focus in a more concentrated setting on various aspects of the overall festival program. The workshops will have a more practical and 'hands-on' character.

The workshops will feed on the availability of a unique group of highly experienced practitioners and specialist brought together for the festival in Amsterdam from many different countries.

The main workshop locations will be the Waag Society, Imagine IC (Amsterdam South East), the Artlab of Montevideo and a dedicated and fully equipped workshop space at the Melkweg.

The workshops will start in the days prior to the festival and will extend for two days beyond the three main festival days, thus making available a full week for the workshop program.

The registration for workshops will be open for festival participants and audience, but is limited to a maximum number of participants. Where possible audience facilities will be made available for people who want to follow the workshops as listeners.

At the 2000 net.congestion festival we discovered that the interest for this possibility was surprisingly large.

Programme Items

Hybrid Media Studio
Hybrid Media Studio
Hybrid Media Studio
Hybrid Media Studio
Hybrid Media Studio
Open source streaming alliance and dynabolic cdrom workshop
The News about Networks (Archived)
Making Issues into Rights?
Cinekid 2004 17 - 24 oktober
New technologies - distribution of video art
Netwerkdag voor vrouwen afkomstig uit Turkije
Het scheppingsverhaal van Margriet de Moor
Verdwaalde gezichten presenteert: De zwarte tulp
Stichting Netwerk Biz presenteert: Netwerken, hoe doe je dat?
Te Gast | Werkgroep Mudawwanah
A Rough Guide to Belgrade
A Rough Guide to Belgrade: Negotiating Kosovo
Zina Love Unlimited
De Toneelschrijfdagen #6: Het Sterke Verhaal
Zina/Eutopia: Masterclass Brief aan mijn Ouders | besloten
INFOWARROOM: The Tactical Media Files
VIDEO’S THAT MOVE en de millennium doelstellingen
te gast | NVP: Presentatietechnieken
Recalling RFID | Parallel workshops
te gast | Your Virtual Future
te gast | How2Fringe? - Vallejo Gantner
Paula van der Oest & Jos Stelling
Thomas Acda & Huub van der Lubbe
Biografen Gezocht!