next 5 minutes international festival of tactical media, September 11-14 2003, Amsterdam


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- Deep Local
- The Reappearing Public
- The Tactics of Appropriation
- The Tactical and the Technical
- Urban Interventions
- Artist Installations
- Film Screenings
- Workshops
- Performance Programmes
- Media Production
- Media Library
- Tactical Autonomous Zone
- Post-Festival (& campsite)

Deep Local

Growing Roots for the Global Village

Globalisation is renowned for its de-localising effects, as trans-national business and policies erode local cultures and harness them for their own ends.

But, far from extinguishing locality, globalisation as a process also invites the creation of new kinds of localness.

In this process of producing new localities the global is constantly being reformulated as a summary of singular new localities.

The spread of telecenters, and urban digital culture projects are forceful examples of recent experiments in trans-locality.

On the one hand, the adaptation of digital and other media to local contexts serve urgent needs : here it is decided among others who will and will not participate in digital cultures and in what ways.

But these projects also provide opportunities to unearth fixed assumptions, and propose forms of situated activism and embedded innovation, as opposed to lab-based forms of "research and development.

Programme Items

Freedom of movement == Freedom of information?
Enduring Post Communism: Networks of Patronage
Laboratory Italy / New Models of Inspiration
Tactical Television Italy
Palestinian Video Presentation.
Independent Media in Taiwan
The Amsterdam Local Media Debate
Vrije geluiden
Bufferstaten voor het Westen
Transit Centraal Azië
Transit Centraal Azië
Mijn Centraal Azië
Journalisten in extreme omstandigheden