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World-Info WSIS 2003 IP Paper  wio_wsis_web.pdf, 1535,9 KiB
World-Information.Org's special IP edition for the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva 2003.

make world paper 2  paper2.pdf, 1052,2 KiB
Published in conjunction with the World Social Forum, november 2002.

WorldInfoConference 2002 Reader  WorldInfoCom2002_Reader.pdf, 1678,2 KiB
Reader for the 2002 World-Info Conference 'The Network Society of Control' in Amsterdam.

make world festival paper 1  paper1.pdf, 667,0 KiB
Festival paper published in conjunction with the first make world festival, munich, october 18-21, 2001.

World-Information City IP Paper  wi_ipcityedition.pdf, 3,1 MiB
World-Information City special IP edition
The publication presents a collection of articles, interviews and essays relating to questions of Intellectual Property. The 30.000 copies of the World-Information City publication will also be distributed in ...

The Little Book of Ideas  Occupy+Little+Book+of+Ideas.pdf, 1082,4 KiB
A small handbook which explains complex economic terms and theories in simple language, to help everyone understand what has caused the economic mess, why it's still continuing, and enable them to engage in the debate about what needs to be changed for the...

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