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Jodi Dean
Jodi Dean is a Professor of Political Science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
tags:  political science

Christian Fuchs
Chair in Media and Communication Studies
Uppsala University
Department of Informatics and Media Studies

McKenzie Wark
Australian media theorist and writer, currently lives and works in New York. McKenzie Wark grew up and studied in Australia, a...

Florian Schneider
Florian Schneider is a filmmaker, writer, and developer in the fields of new media, networking and open source technologies. I...
tags:  migrationno borderdictionary of warborders

Clemens Apprich
Theorist, writer, and Research Fellow at the Moving Image Lab as well as coordinator and curator at the Post-Media Lab at Leup...
tags:  tactical mediamedia theorymedia criticism

Andreas Broeckmann
Andreas Broeckmann is an art historian and curator who lives in Berlin and works as the curator of the Leuphana Arts Program in...
tags:  arttheorymedia theorydeep europe

Michael Dieter
Michael Dieter is a PhD candidate at University of Melbourne, currently completing a doctoral thesis on the relations between ...
tags:  tactical mediamedia theory

Michael Dieter
Michael Dieter

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